Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Edward Bess Desert Blossom Blush Imperiale

Desert Blossom was the second Edward Bess Blush Imperiale I picked. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the tester, weeks before the blush was out for sale (it was released after Moroccan Rose), and couldn't wait to have it in my hands. While Edward's Moroccan Rose is the perfect"pop of color" blush that wakes up my face, Desert Blossom is the easy go-to shade for a healthy natural glow. It's a light rose that's easy to wear, a breeze to put on (blush brush, face brush, Edward Bess Luxury Brush- anything goes unless you're very fair and need a more careful application) and can be built for a more intense look or kept to a minimum. My swatch was done with just a single swipe of the mini brush from the compact, so you can see it has enough pigment. I've also played with mixing Desert Blossom with a little Moroccan Rose- it worked beautifully.

As always, Edward Bess blushes soft and smooth. The silky texture melts into skin and any base products you have under it. The quality is top notch from the easy application and blending to the staying power- it's there the entire day and doesn't lose its finish or changes the shade. Blush Imperiale isn't shimmery and there are no shiny particles, yet it seems to have an inner radiance. I adore it.

Bottom Line: If you're only going to get one blush this year...

Edward Bess Blush Imperiale ($48) is available from Bergdorf Goodman, select Neiman Marcus locations (also online) and edwardbess.com. In the UK the brand is sold by Zuneta.

All photos are mine.


  1. I've been waiting for you to review this one :)
    This is such a beautiful shade. These days I can't get enough of natural, matte blushes.
    I know what my only blush of the year will be!

  2. This is an incredible color that is sufficiently different from the previous two Blush Imperials to make it a must have if you're an EB fan. I am quite fair. I wear EB foundation in the lightest shade which is appropriately named Light :-) As I mentioned in the comments when Moroccan Rose was reviewed, I use a fan brush so that I can better control the intensity of color. I found that technique to work equally as well with Dessert Blossom. So, fair ladies, do not let the saturation of color deter you from trying it. It's a very natural, easy to wear color.

  3. Looks wonderful and a must-have. Gaia--do you think this is similar to Lancome Meil Glace?

  4. It really is a must-have, and like just about every color in Edward's line, it can be worn by almost all of us- it's amazing that Eileen and I can pull off the same colors, but definitely not the first time.

    Amy, Miel Glace is less pigmented and not as rosy, at least on my skin it pulls more brown.

  5. This color is simply irresistible..Again, feeling frustrated...:)

  6. It's getting ridiculous and very obvious this brand is building its reputation on bribing bloggers loading them with free products and then ripping the rest of us off. I'm sick of these stupid "reviews" and your blog is full of them. What I want to know is how you decide what to review and if you're one of those diva "bloggers" who demand freebies and threatens with bad reviews or do they come to you bearing gifts. Why do you think people need to waste their money on this crap and who are you to write something is good or bad?
    This is stupid. now let's see you have the balls to publish this comment.

    **Ravena is pissed**

  7. Anon, Ravena or whoever you are,

    I published the comment just like I do with any other response that is not commercial spam. I believe strongly that these kind of comments are reflecting on their author a lot more than on me.

    I'm sorry you feel so much anger- blogs and cosmetics should be about having fun and brightening your day, not making you bitter. As for the issues you've raised, here are some facts:

    1) I have never ever solicited products from brands, PR firms or retailers. I don't even make "first contact" with them.

    2) I do accept products and samples for consideration. I also make good use of sales, discount codes and GWP events. It allows me to have enough content and update the blog daily.

    3) When a review is based on a freebie- sample or full size- I always say so. If there's no disclosure it means I paid for the product. Do the math.

    4) Edward Bess deserves every bit of praise for his products, aesthetics and vision. Yes, I love this brand dearly but not blindly. I wasn't too thrilled with the mascara so I wrote a less than glowing review and also told Mr. Bess that in person.

    5)I'm no one to tell you how or on what to spend your money. I offer my opinion and you can take it or leave it. I strongly suggest you do the latter.

  8. Poor Anonymous obviously has some anger management issues. Such a shame, but there you have it.

    Just as an aside, don't you all find it too funny for words when someone asks a woman if she has "the balls" to do something?

  9. Thanks, Eileen :) You really made me smile (and not just in a weird sideways emoticon manner).


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