Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Burberry Lipstick In Prune (14)

Prune was the second Burberry Soft Satin Lipstick I chose (the other one was #9 Blush), and I have no idea which one I like better. Both are gorgeous and boast all the nice Burberry features- elegant packaging, superb texture, tons of pigment and a soft, moisturizing feel on the lips.

Prune is deeper and more dramatic than blush, but since my lips are naturally dark, it's a color I wear easily and not only in the evening. It's a brown-based color, not quite purple because it has quite a bit of warmth and red undertones. It's a fall/winter color, for sure.

The second swatch where it's next to the Sepia lip liner, the lipstick was actually rubbed off (either on my pants or on a random cat, I can't remember). Just look how much color is left- that's another testament to Burberry lipsticks' staying power.

Burberry Soft Satin Lipstick ($30) is a Nordstrom exclusive, available online and in select locations.

All photos are mine.


  1. Beautiful color!

  2. I have Prune too - I was going to review this lipstick this week as well!

    I also have naturally dark pigmented lips so this comes out as a raisin color on me - I love it!

  3. The Prune looks so pretty, just the kind of color I like, and it looks like it leaves a little stain too!
    Good thing the texture is moisturizing-my poor skin is like an alligator at present.


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