Monday, December 27, 2010

Sisley Phyto Star Palette Sparkling Rhapsody Eye Shadow Quad

Sisley Phyto Star Palette Sparkling Rhapsody is the ultimate eye shadow quad for a winter night when there's over a foot of snow on the ground (we got 2' yesterday). It has a beautiful icy quality and a sparkle that looks like a million dollar. As it should, because this Sparkling Rhapsody set is so outrageously priced it would have been criminal if it sucked. It's still pretty nefarious, but the colors and textures of these four eye shadows is everything I wanted for a very long time.

Not all silver and gray were created equal and I have issues with many that are too flat. Many of them are too cool or too ashy or too metallic. Or all kind of too and utterly wrong. Sisley got it right- the colors are cool but they work because they are rich, complex and have a beautiful pearly glow. The pigment is intense enough you need very little to create the look and, forgive me for the beauty-blogging cliche, it blends like a dream. The level of shimmer and the pearly finish make Sparkling Rhapsody a night out kind of thing, but you can still play and create different looks and take it from evening gown to rock club.

The colors in the palette are a pearl white (perfect in the inner corner, among other things), a dark shimmery charcoal, a beautiful light sky blue and a dark silver (it matches the eyeliner pencil in Deep Silver). I've worn them is combinations of two or only one at a time (except the white which is more of an accent color) and loved every minute of it. There is a little fallout of shimmer, a thing that I'd rather not have with such an expensive product, but it was easy to clean up and everything else worked perfectly, so I can only complain so much- like about this:

The packaging is unique and as sleek as they come, except of the fingerprints (and paw prints) it attracts. Of course, it comes with those stupid sponge applicators and that's borderline unacceptable- you'd think a company like Sisley would be able to figure out mini brushes by now.

Bottom Line: Don't ask.

Sisley Phyto Star Palette Sparkling Rhapsody Eye Shadow Quad ($100) is available from Saks, Bergdorf and other such places.

All photos are mine.


  1. 100$ ???
    that confirms my theory that Sisley is overly priced (because ok, their products are nice, but not THAT nice)

  2. I don't understand why Sisley charges so much for their makeup/skincare.

  3. This looks stunning, (although, I've never worn that color blue before, it looks intimidating) but I'm sure it'll work with the right tools and plenty of blending.

    I've been looking for a pewter grey eye color to work with, this looks like it'd be perfect. It will make a nice smokey eye without being too harsh.

  4. This palette is gorgeous and it should be with a $100 price tag. For some reason I'm convinced that I cannot pull off grey or silver eyeshadows, so this would be lost on me. Too bad because it is drool worthy.

    I went back through some of your other Sisley reviews and was wondering if you have tried the Sisley Oil Free Foundation? (thats what the NM website has it listed as). I didn't see a review for it on your site but thought you might have tried it and just haven't posted anything about it.

  5. sponge applicators in a $100 palette?! wow!

    I'm done with the 2 feet of snow. We still haven't been dug out.


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