Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chanel Rose Initiale Powder Blush #72 - Fall 2012

I was pretty horrified when I first tried to swatch Chanel Rose Initiale Powder Blush (72) for Fall 2012. I made the mistake (I really should have known better) to test it with the little brush Chanel put in the blush's packaging. The result was a powdery mess all over the compact, my hand and everything around, but little to no actual pigmentation where I needed it. Once I got everything cleaned up I grabbed a bunch of real brushes and set to work. The result was another big Chanel love.

Rose Initiale is Chanel's Fall 2012 addition to their blush collection (it's a permanent shade, not a limited edition). The color is a healthy pink that leans a little warm mostly thanks to the finest gold micro-shimmer. The shimmer is subtle and elusive; I really had to play with light and angle to show it, and as you can see in the swatch, it melds with the skin and doesn't show up as particles, only as a glow. The color intensity can be built up as needed. My swatch above was done with very light application to show how delicate this can be. I normally apply Rose Initiale just a little more heavily with a denser rounder brush: Hakuhodo 210 is my first choice at the moment, but if you're very pale a fluffy brush will serve you better.

Sabrina has some great comparison on to other Chanel blushes on The Beauty Look Book.

Bottom Line: as pretty as it gets.

Chanel Rose Initiale Powder Blush #72 ($43) is available at all Chanel counters as well as from chanel.com.


  1. That is a beauty, but I just got Bobbi Brown's little treasure, the Shimmer Brick Compact in Wild Rose. I am glad I did as it is a limited edition and suits me to a tee!

  2. Gorgeous! Did you see their Fleur de Lotus Blush...if so what are your thoughts? Do you yourself prefer pink or coral blushes for your skin tone? Thanks! (P.S. I always love to read your latest blog entry right before bed...it is relaxing and I can dream of pretty things!!!)

  3. I'm fair (NC15) so I like to lightly sweep Rose Initiel on my cheeks much the way you've applied it to your arm. It gives a soft, luminous, blush of delicate pink that is just too pretty for words. That's not to say that RI is sheer or lightly pigmented, though. In fact, I have to be careful to not apply it too heavily on my cheeks. For those of you with darker complexions, there is enough color in this beauty to create a more robust rose without sacrificing the soft glowing effect that this JC creates. I'm glad that RI has joined the permanent collection as it is sure to become a staple for many women.

    Hi Hopflower,

    The BB is quite shimmery whereas the Chanel glows. They're quite different so why not get both? :-)

  4. Heheh! Now, don't e-n-c-o-u-r-a-g-e me! LOL! Actually, the shimmer in the Wild rose compact is not as much as in some, though. I just saw that Rose Initiale yesterday. It is pretty. I may just have to be encouraged.

  5. Definitely on my must-have list!


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