Monday, July 16, 2012

Guerlain Encens Mythique d'Orient ( Les Déserts d'Orient Collection)

Encens Mythique d'Orient is one of three perfumes recently released by Guerlain as part of their Les Déserts d'Orient Collection. The fragrances were inspired by Arabian themes and materials; the bottles are decorated accordingly and have the perfume name written in Arabic on one side and in French on the other. Given all that I expected Encens Mythique d'Orient to smell very exotic and enchanting in an Arabian Night way.  While the fragrance definitely has those elements woven into its fabric, the overall result is actually very French, even if not necessarily a typical Guerlain perfume.

Encens Mythique d'Orient on my skin is mostly an incense/rose perfume. The strong shot of aldehydes in the opening is the first surprise, as does the strong boozy element (more refined than in Guerlain's Spiritueuse Double Vanille, but still strong) . There's spice and sweetness, honey and saffron, wonderful richness and a powdery rose. There are stages in the development of Encens Mythique d'Orient that it almost created arabesques of sillage around me. But most of the plushness disappears too early. What's left on my skin after two hours is an abstract woody rose. The husband says it's nice and floral, I think it's powdery and ambery. In any case, the longevity of Encens Mythique d'Orient is not the most impressive in this collection, but it might be the easiest one to wear.

Notes: Aldehydes, Rose, Saffron, Patchouli, Vetiver, Ambergris, Moss, Frankincense

Guerlain Encens Mythique d'Orient (190€ 75 ml EDP) and the rest of  Les Déserts d'Orient Collection are currently in very limited distribution and exclusive to Guerlain boutiques in Paris, the Middle East and Harrods.

Art: Cleopatra by Thomas Frances Dicksee, 1876
Les Déserts d'Orient Collection promotional image from Guerlain's Facebook page.


  1. My experience with Encens was the exact opposite, weirdly enough. I got almost no aldehydes - in fact, had you not mentioned it it would've slid right under my radar. And the rose doesn't come up for me until somewhere in the middle. I get the saffron and frankincense early on...funny how it works out on different skins! I think this one is my favorite of the series.


  2. I tried this on at Bergdorf's over the weekend and fell completely head over heals in love. Too bad it's so darn expensive! I've kept the paper blotter I sprayed with it in my bedroom and the scent has been lingering for days, reminding me of how much I want this every time I walk in the room. I should just throw it out, and put myself out of my misery (since I won't be paying $270 for perfume any time soon) but I can't make myself get rid of it... LOL.

    1. can by in as decant in smaller more affordable amount. Check out

    2. 270 for 2,5 oz of eau de parfum....TODAY thats cheap....specially when guerlain is made with REAL oils instead of synthetics like almost everyone else......
      I have the CUIR BELUGA (leatherish) I NEVER have been stopped sooooo much to be last me all day just one application.......Sak's NY has them all


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