Saturday, July 07, 2012

I Read It On The Internet- July 7th

I'm completely and utterly over temperature in the triple digit zone. I made a mental note as I was cursing my way from the car to the post office: must remember this feeling next time I kvetch about winter. Fall collections look even more surreal, even though I started acquiring some items. But there are already rumors about Holiday 2012. Can you believe it?

Here's this week's reading list in case you're catching up by the pool:

Dain of Ars Aromatica has some insight about neutral  colors.

A By Terry makeover on Best Things In Beauty.

Sabrina from the Beauty Look Book made me reconsider the new Armani Eyes To Kill Aqua Collection. I think #24 is in my future.

Amy from Cafe Makeup is still in Paris. Her photos will transport you there for a few minutes.

Join Jane of Daly Beauty as she dreams of jasmine.

I had no idea that I need more eyeliner. You will too if you go look at these swatches on Drivel About Frivol.

Coral has never looked better than it does on Front Row Beauty.

Shannon reviewed one of Benefit's best products ever, Creasless Cream Shadow, on Lipstick Musings.

Lisa Eldridge went looking for little atrocities in people's makeup bags. What sins are lurking in yours?

A favorite brush of mine, Rouge Bunny Rouge 002, is reviewed on Lola's Secret Beauty Blog.

London Makeup Girl reviews a Sue Devitt mascara (by the way, there's a 20% off F&F sale on Sue Devitt's website at the moment).

Xiao talks blush on Messy Wands.

Modesty Brown is buying eye shadow again.

Jessica from Tinsel Creation treats her toes.

Wishing you cool air and lots of ice cream.

Image: Tropical Beauty by Kenneth Heilbron.

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  1. Thank you for the shout-out, Gaia! I really appreciate it. :) Once again, you made my day. And with this list, you've created many lemmings.


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