Friday, July 27, 2012

Jacques Fath- Fath's Love (Vintage Perfume)

According to online databases Fath's Love came out in 1968. However, ads and various packaging of this Jacques Fath perfume suggest an earlier date, probably around 1961.

In any case, Fath's Love is a gorgeous sexy perfume and my decades old miniature bottle surprises me every time with its vitality and robust body. I don't know what the top notes may have smelled like originally, but Fath's Love opens up wonderfully spicy and potent. I smell cinnamon and maybe anise seed, but also a strong and  heady floral heart that has enough sweetness to hold its own against the spiciness. I also smell stewed plums as a prelude to the sweet wood dry-down. It reminds me a little of vintage Quadrille by Balenciaga and has a similar evening gown aesthetics, as opposed to crisp and fast-paced floral aldehydes or dirty boudoirish animalic chypres from the same era.

I get a very impressive sillage and longevity from Fath's Love. It smells aged, but not deteriorated and even the husband, who's not always the biggest vintage fan, gives his approval. I'd say that if you like Quadrille and vintage Piguet perfumes you have a good reason to try and track Fath's Love.

Rene Gruau for Jacques Fath, 1950
1961 magazine ad for Fath's Love
Both from online auctions.

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