Thursday, July 19, 2012

NARS Vent Glacé Duo Eye Shadow Fall 2012

NARS Vent Glacé Duo Eye Shadow for Fall 2012 is a stunning combination of almost icy shades, quite neutral but not exactly the first thing you imagine when thinking about fall colors. It doesn't matter, though, both sides of the duo are versatile and wearable in many combinations.

NARS describes Vent Glace as platinum/silver smoke. The "silver smoke" side has quite a bit of khaki undertones, making the duo stand out. The finish of Vent Glacé is pearly, and that can be even more intensified if you pat the colors on a very smooth base with a bit of a shine. Similarly, you can take it down a notch by blending and using a concealer-like matte base. My personal preference is to use the colors either separately or mix them together for use as a liner. I'm still discovering various combinations and effects that can be achieved by applying Vent Glacé over different color eye pencils and cream eye shadows. For reference, in the campaign image, both sides were combined and applied over a black pencil on the model's lower lash line.

The texture is smooth and creates no fall-out. It blends well, especially when paired with a satin/low shimmer shadow. I always use a base/primer, so lasting is excellent with no need to touch up.

Bottom Line: pretty and unique, exactly what I want from NARS.

NARS Vent Glacé Duo Eye Shadow ($34) is available from, and will soon appear at the counters. The product was sent for my consideration by the company's PR.


  1. I especially like the color on the right. They are both beautiful. What a great idea to use them over liners.


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