Monday, July 30, 2012

Hakuhodo G518 Foundation Brush

Hakuhodo G518 Foundation Brush is a relatively small and narrow paddle-shaped brush (Hair Length: 27.0㎜, Thickness: 6.4㎜, Width of the Ferrule Foot: 15.3㎜) for precise and delicate application of liquid products. It's excellent for patting on concealer and highlighter, directional application of foundation and even priming specific areas. Hakuhodo G518 is made of a synthetic and natural weasel hair blend. The result is sturdy, relatively thick, pleasantly soft, and very efficient for all the tasks I mentioned above.

Hakuhodo G518 is thicker and feels more luxurious than Shu Uemura #14 (synthetic). The Shu brush us flatter and has a thinner edge. It's still a good and useful one, but I prefer my Hakuhodo (I use them interchangeably and as a backup for each other).

Hakuhodo G518 is the little sister of a star foundation brush, Hakuhdo G520. The G520 is a bone fide foundation brush, one that is indispensable to me. I consider the G518 as a companion brush for smaller areas and more precise application. Sometimes I pat down the product with the G518 and blend  it into the base with the G520 that I just use for an all over application.

Bottom Line: very nice to have.

Hakuhodo G518 Foundation Brush ($54) is available from They ship worldwide and I highly recommend their knowledgeable customer service for any questions and advice.

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  1. This (and the G520) seems like such a nice brush.


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