Monday, July 16, 2012

Claudio Riaz Eye Shade 9

Claudio Riaz Eye Shade #9 is a rich a rich aubergine color with fine shimmer that leans red. The effect is of a purple rust, quite unusual and very intense. It's probably a color that can serve best as a liner or outer v definer for those with blue or green eyes, as long as their skin doesn't have red or purple undertones. On my very brown eyes it's more of a lid color that needs to be blended with very dark blackened hues or rich navy.

Claudio Riaz eye shadows are wonderfully smooth, color-saturated and easy to blend. They can be packed on and intensified (like the first swatch on my wrist) or applied with a fluffier brush and sheered as needed (seacond swatch). According to the official Claudio Riaz website, the eye shadows are mineral based (which explains the pigmentation), talc and paraben free, and contain Kaolin mineral clay to absorb oil and reduce shine, hence the smoothness and durability.

I haven't tried all of the products by Claudio Riaz, but the shimmer in everything I've seen so far is very fine and never ends up with fall-out. Eye Shade #9 is not the easiest shade to wear (I picked it at the store where the lighting made it appear more cool toned), but so far I've been using it often enough and enjoying the results.

Claudio Riaz Eye Shades ($28 each) are available from Barneys and


  1. The brown-tinged-aubergine reminds me bit of Addiction Arabian Ruby, which both Dain and I have. It's a great contour colour for pink/red eyeshadow looks.

  2. I love aubergine colors, adding it to my growing list of 'must try' CR products. I can see this pairing quite well with JoJo or Corinthian from LMdB.
    Our local SF Barneys has the display on counter, and I was able to play around with but not purchase Shade 15. Needless to say, this line is getting big love from me.


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