Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Jiro Kamata Jewelry

Inspiration for a hot summer afternoon.

I was googling who knows what when I stumbled upon the website of an Amsterdam gallery dedicated to contemporary art jewelry, Galerie Rob Koudijs. It reminded of a favorite place of mine, Gallery Loupe in Montclair, NJ. The concept is similar as are the international flavor and the prices (thousands of euros per item).

I promptly fell in love with the work of Japanese-born German artist Jiro Kamata. His use of discarded camera lenses and even sunglasses in his pieces is very unique. I suspect the necklace and brooches you see above are quite heavy. I quickly found Kamata's website and his Facebook page, where I could admire other pretties, such his pearl-within-pearl rings (consider my soul as "for sale").

Images:  Galerie Rob Koudijs and Jiro Kamata.

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