Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Want: Balenciaga Pocket Tote Bag

I don't think I was ever this taken with a Balenciaga bag as I am with this simple pocket tote. It's the clean lines, minimal hardware and overall understated chic of this bag (a sharp contrast to the famous Balenciaga Motorcycle bag which I absolutely loathe). At 13x14.5x5.5 inches this bag is big enough for just about anything one might need without being obnoxious or grossly disproportional. I'm in love.

Surprisingly for me, my favorite version of this bag is the khaki one above ($1066 from Barneys carries two other colors: red and chocolate brown, nicely marked up at $1345.


1 comment:

  1. Really a very nice, elegant bag. Be nice to have some extra $$ floating around for it! :)


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