Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NARS Undress Me- The Multiple for Fall 2012

The new NARS Multiple stick in Undress Me is probably the most debated item in the fall 2012 collection. In theory a flash tone pink highlighter sounds like a brilliant choice for fall, and indeed, the color of Undress Me is one of the most attractive and wearable in the Multiple range. The issue is that instead of a highlighting shimmer, François Nars chose to infuse Undress Me with silver glitter.

As Amy from Cafe Makeup notes, this is an artistic concept that relates to the use of textures in high fashion. Similarly, the way Nars chose to apply this Multiple to the face of model Kristen McMenamy for the fall campaign is not exactly how most of us use a highlighter:
"To achieve the makeup look featured in the campaign image, Kristen’s skin was perfected with Siberia Sheer Matte Foundation and set with Snow Loose Powder to create an immaculate complexion. Next, the Undress Me Multiple was applied to the hollows of the cheeks and blended toward the temples with fingertips."

The result is obviously stunning, but how can we, mere mortals, relate to it? According to Mr. Nars:
"All our Multiples can be worn on eyes, cheeks, and lips, under and over foundation, and pretty much any other way you can imagine. Undress Me, in particular, is beautiful in the hollow of the cheeks. It also makes a wonderful highlight for brow and cheekbones, as well as a glowing base for eyes and lip color."
I tried. I really really tried. But I can't do glitter in the hollow of the cheeks. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure I can't do glitter at all. I tested Undress Me as a base for cream and powder products and the textured surface just doesn't look right. I'd say that this Multiple stick is more suitable for the stage than for everyday (and everynight) life. You can see how the glitter catches and reflects the light (click on the photos to enlarge). It just does not agree with my 41 year old face (yes, I know that Kristen McMenamy is 45).

NARS Undress Me- The Multiple for Fall 2012 ($39) is available from The product for this review was sent to me by the company for consideration and review.


  1. she is also heavily photoshopped and beautifully lit. thanks for the review.

  2. The swatch looks really sheer and shimmery. Although I like a tiny amount in highlighers and shadows, I'm not a huge fan of anything with glitter. (esp not for blush too) Nars Multiple is a neat concept but you know what they say about the jack-of-all-trades. Sometimes a blush should just be a blush.

  3. My 38 year old self cannot relate much to this, either...

  4. Totally agree with Maryse and Solanace. I prefer a glow like the Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid illuminator gives rather than glitter sprinkled across my face.

  5. Although I appreciate the artistic motivation for this, the reality is that generally speaking, the women who wear NARS products are too old for glitter. The girls and younger women who will be drawn to this one will probably not be willing to drop nearly $40 on it. I know I wouldn't have when I was in my 20's. My quest for the $$$ products only began when the prospect of ageing shoved me down the path of "I'm willing to try anything and pay anything if it will stave off time!" :)

    I can handle a pretty good amount of shimmer for my age (42), but even I have to draw the line at glitter. It's unfortunate that this is glittery when it probably would have been absolutely stunning if merely shimmery.

  6. I know this is an art shot and, as such, is interesting. However, the excessive photoshopping and cadaverous eye makeup render Kristen lifeless in a way that looks downright creepy to me. That's too bad because she is an otherwise handsome woman.

    I was quite surprised when I actually saw Undress Me. Despite the edginess of the promo look, Undress Me is actually quite princessy--all pink and sparkly--and very, very young. I'm not sure who is confused: me or Nars! LOL


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