Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hakuhodo Kinoko Flat Brush

Hakuhodo Kinoko flat brush is a goat hair kabuki brush for use with powder products, especially those that require some buffing. It's also a great finishing brush that helps blend and get rid of obvious harsh lines. Buffing your finishing powder with the flat Kinoko gives the final polished airbrushed look we sometimes desire.

As you can see, Hakuhodo's flat Kinoko looks like a miniature NARS Botan brush. For the longest time Botan was my go-to finishing brush for powder-heavy looks. In the last six months or so, it's been deposed because there's no comparison between the quality of these two brushes. Both brushes are made of goat hair, but my Hakuhodo is much softer. The smaller size is also easier to hold and maneuver, though I admit I got used to NARS Botan very quickly, so that's not really why I prefer the flat Kinoko.

The main difference between the flat and the domed Kinoko brush is obviously the shape which makes the latter suitable for applying and blending bronzer. However it's also a bit softer than the flat Kinoko we're reviewing here because it's made of a goat hair and synthetic fiber combination. So if your skin is prone to redness from brushes you might be better off with the domed Kinoko.

Another Hakuhodo flat top brush is my beloved and very magical G543. It's one of my favorite foundation brushes and works superbly with liquid and cream, probably because of its incredible density. I wouldn't even try that with the fluffier Kinoko.

Bottom Line: there's a reason it's rare to catch this brush in a pristine clean state.

Hakuhodo Kinoko Flat Brush ($96) is available from They ship overseas.


  1. Love love yout post about hakuhodo ;)))... i have a youtube channel, i show all my hakuhodos in some videos!


  2. WOW, Gaia-- you must have read my mind!! Ever since we talked about the Kinoko Flat brush and the NARS Botan- I have been obsessing on the Kinoko!! This is such a fantastic review, THANK YOU!! I have and love the G543-- which indeed is a magical brush (and probably my favorite Hakuhodo brush of all time). Now I want the Kinoko Flat brush even more!!!! xx

  3. The Hakuhodo Kinoko flat brush looks so pretty. I bet it feels phenomenal! Thanks for the review. Never heard of this brush until I've read this post.

  4. I have been loving your hakuhodu reviews as I recently have fallen obsessed with their brushes:). I have been going back and forth between the kinoko flat anf kokutan Lag to use primarily as that last step "finish",that extra step to smooth my looks. Is there one u prefer over the other?fyi,i own the Nars botan. Its ok. I feel it is a little stiff and I barely touch my face with it to finish.I mostly have started using it to buff into my hairline and to bronzer down my neck. But,i purchased it to be a finisher and its just too coarse I feel for my skin. I would so appreciate your help on this. Thanks!


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