Monday, July 02, 2012

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes E117 (New Shade)

E117 is one of eight new shades recently released by Ellis Faas as part of her Creamy Eyes collection. The best way I can describe this color is celadon: a green that's somewhere between mint and sage. It's unique, complex and completely matte, allowing for some sophisticated combination.

The formula of Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes is probably my favorite in the world of cream shadows. It's intensely pigmented: the amount I used for the swatches above is enough for several faces. It can look opaque and colorful or be sheered to an almost translucent wash of color. Application is as easy as it gets: when Ellis does her own makeup she applies her eye shadows using fingers. You can achieve multiple looks using a good blending brush and a cream shadow brush (Sephora Professional, Laure Mercier or Bobbi Brown all offer great options. I also use an old MAC 217).

As with all Ellis Faas pen dispensers (this one requires turning a dial-like thingy), most of the learning curve is learning just how much (how little, actually) product you need. The cream shadow itself is as user friendly as it comes and the texture is very forgiving. Once set, though, Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes will not budge. It stays put and holds its shape and finish until I remove my makeup. It's also a great base for powder shadows, but looks just as sophisticated on its own. I recommend cleaning the plastic bristles of the applicator with a makeup removing wipe. It prevents clogging and unsanitary situations.

Bottom Line: Love.

The eight new Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes colors are available at the moment only from The older six ones (neutral shades) can also be found at Space NK and Retail price is $36 each. The product for this review was sent by the company for my consideration.

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  1. Why are her products so darn likeable?!! I HATE - very strong word - her dispensers!! Grrrr...c'mon Ellis Faas let's fix the problem already!


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