Thursday, July 12, 2012

Currently- July 2012

I downloaded a bunch of makeup books with the intention to review them, but all of them bore me to tears. We dearly need someone as inspired and inspiring as Kevyn Aucoin. After this mind-numbing experience I'm going to indulge in some fiction this weekend.

Out of Love- Rhett Miller

Parfums de Nicolai- Vanille Tonka. I wish we had a Nicolai boutique in NYC.

I'm somewhat obsessed with eyebrows.

Frequently Worn
Flip-flops. Sorry.

Peaches, plums and nectarines.

Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure
Schadenfreude at seeing Tom Cruise not in control of something.

Bane of My Existence
Having to retake swatch pictures because of bad lighting, an errant cat hair or focusing on the wrong thing.

Packages from wonderful friends.

The birth of my nephew.

This bunny key ring from See by Chloe

Random Thought
The word "guru" is horribly abused and overused, and I'm not just talking about YouTube makeup tutorials (though these are the worst offenders).

Your turn! Please share yours!

Art: Peaches Batik by Marcia Baldwin.
Bunny key ring from


  1. Hmm....
    BOOK: "Mad Men on the Couch"-- Don Draper & Co. psychoanalyzed by a pro.
    MUSIC: the "Moonrise Kingdom" soundtrack.
    PERFUME: 64 West by Lili Bermuda.
    MAKEUP: Yep. Eyebrows.
    FREQUENTLY WORN: my trusty Fakenstocks.
    FOOD: Hot and spicy.
    GUILTY PLEASURE: Watching "Wilfred".
    BANE: insomnia.
    JOY: the amazing art exhibits I'm coordinating at work.
    ANTICIPATION: a three-day weekend.
    WISHLIST: new bookcases for our many volumes.
    RANDOM THOUGHT: Person-to-person civility makes every minute of the day more do-able.

  2. Reading:
    The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton. I just joined a reading group recently - my first ever. I'm hoping this will kickstart/renew my love of reading. I've read of few chapters and so far, so good!

    Miller Harris Terre d'Iris!

    Mango, papaya, watermelon

    Wearing my summer red and coral lippies. For example, Guerlain's Poppy Star lipgloss!

    Bane of my existence:
    The Brooklyn bus I take to the subway is always late!

  3. Perfume: Ambre Soie

    Makeup: Stila black liner, Dior Les Gris and Hourglass gloss in Heroine. My signature look

    Frequently worn: the colour black

    Food: LOVE avocados sprinkled with fleur de sel

    Shame inducing guilty pleasure: following celebrity gossip

    Bane of my existence: technology, not tech savvy at all

    Joy: my sons

    Anticipation: a solo trip to Vancouver, BC on July 15

    Wishlist: full time caregiver support for a beloved family member

    Random Thought: Be kind to yourself

  4. milktea said... I love the leather Chloe bunny key chain. Adding it to the list of luxe brands that keep coming out with cute key chains or coin purses that I'll probably never own.

  5. I wish I still had time to read. Must go buy lottery ticket...

  6. Book: Wicked Girls. I have a feeling it's going to be a disturbing read.
    Music: Mylo Xyloto from Coldplay
    Perfume: I'm wearing my Lancome miniatures on rotation quite a lot at the moment
    Makeup: Due to my recent conjunctivitis, I've not been wearing much makeup. I'm ready to get back on the horse now!
    Frequently Worn: White smock tops. I think I must be trying to channel my inner tortured artist.
    Food: Cheese
    Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Watching the new series of The Bachelor. I know I shouldn't but I can't look away.
    Bane of My Existence: The constant rain.
    Joy: A run of uninterrupted nights sleep. Hurrah!
    Anticipation - Seeing my parents in a couple of weeks.
    Wishlist: A beautiful Galaxy print scarf by Athena Procopiou
    Random Thought: What is the probability that it will stop raining as soon as I got home from the school run?

  7. Book
    The poetry of Joachim Ringelnatz - highly recommended if you can read German.

    Buffy Saint-Marie - Native Canadian folk singer

    L'Artisan Poivre Piquant - it's terribly under-appreciated!

    I'm mainly focusing on sunscreen these days. With a little bronzer and Nars Morocco lipstick.

    Frequently Worn
    Flip-flops for me too!

    Peaches, blueberries, and corn

    Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure
    Running the air conditioning constantly

    Bane of My Existence
    The heat. I cannot tolerate it.

    I will be escaping the heat very soon!

    On Monday I am leaving for Germany and I'm not coming back until the end of August. High temp. in Berlin tomorrow: 68 F. Yes!!!

    L'air du desert marocain, because I am craving smoky amber for some reason.

    Random Thought
    Packing for a whole month away is quite a challenge!

  8. Book: The Silent Girl by Tess Garristen. I love her books, but absolutely hate the TV series (Rizzoli & Isles).

    Music: This has been a Vivaldi week. I love baroque violin concertos. They're joyous and fun.

    Perfume: Guerlain's Sous Le Vent

    Makeup: I've been really enjoying Lumière D'Artifices Beiges as a light and delicate bronzer. On my light complexion, it gives a pretty sunkissed look.

    Frequently Worn: Jeans, T, and sandals.

    Food: Grilled stone fruits like peaches, plums, and apricots tossed into a mixed green salad and sprinkled with toasted almonds. Delish!

    Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Soaking in a bubble bath while I finished reading my book.

    Bane of My Existence: I live in a "No Bane" zone :-)

    Joy: Birthday wishes from friends and family.

    Anticipation: Finishing the remodeling project going on in our house!

    Wishlist: Finishing the remodeling project going on in our house! LOL

    Random Thought: I dislike the adjective "curated" when applied to makeup collections. After all, we're talking about cosmetics; not national treasures.

  9. Book- Wuthering heights, E. Bronte....still. I am ashamed to say i liked better the movie of nearly twenty years ago with R. Fiennes and Juliette Binoche.

    Music- Cafe del Mar,being transported in Ibiza during summer it's my tropical escapade but only mentally.

    Perfume- Nearness (vintage), Avon

    Makeup- Antic Gold for eyes, Bobbie Brown,Nutmeg for the lips, still B. Brown

    Frequently worn- black sandals with a silver chain, black skirt, black tunics with different designs.Silver jewlery with brown stones.

    Food- pasta il all recipes and flavors.

    Shame inducing guilty pleasure- Oh, Lord, don't tell anybody: smoking.

    Bane of my existence- Gossip. It turns my stomach. (sorry, but it's true)

    Joy- My dog. An angel in my home. The medicine for a series of illnesses, existent,imaginary, present or future.

    Anticipation- I lost some weight and i want to loose more. I want to become thin again,but surely i have to stop eating pasta.I want to be more active and dare i say athletic.

    Wishlist- Clothes for the thin me.

    Random Thought- Feeling raving mad with anger and trying not to show it, under the 40 C heat of mediterranean summer is not an easy thing.

  10. Book: History of a Pleasure Seeker, by Richard Mason. Class, money, sex in 1907 Amsterdam. First of a projected multivolume series. First one is a toe-curling read.

    Song: "Coldest Night of The Year" by Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn. (pronounced "Coeburn.") He lives in Toronto, so he knows a thing or two about cold nights.

    Movie: "To Rome With Love." Mediocre Woody Allen is still 9000% better than most of what's out there.

    Eating: As much fresh fruit as possible. Also a good steak.

    Fragrance: Vent Vert. I'm sad that my decant from Perfumed Court is nearing empty.

    Constantly wearing: Black diamond ear studs....a birthday present.

    Bane: My allergies or sinus. My face hurts.

    Closing thought: If you (one) is a considerate, thoughtful person, try not to be too dismayed if others are not.

    Lawrence in Ohio

  11. Book: "Salt" by Mark Kurlansky. Not new but a fascinating history of salt.

    Music: Lots of Kajagoogoo "Too Shy". hey I still wish it was 1985.

    Perfume: Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint. It's so darned hot out and this is cooling me down.

    Makeup: Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer with her oil free primer underneath. A guaranteed good skin day that won't melt off.

    Frequently Worn: my bathing suit. Pool everyday after work!

    Food: Cilantro--as a base for my salad. No lettuces or arugula, just cilantro!

    Bane of My Existence: recycling the stack of catalogs that arrive in the mail every day. ENOUGH.

    Anticipation: Going to northern Spain next month to inhale the wine and seafood....

  12. look at you digging my texas boy, rhett! first met and interviewed him when he was 18, and can tell you, he's a sweetheart (and he's aged quite nicely). nice to see him getting some love here.

    i've been in a time warp listening to the cars - and more specifically the songs benjamin orr sang. now there was a man and a voice!


  13. Oh! Read "The Dovekeepers" by Alice Hoffman. Wonderful!

  14. BANE: summer cold, couldn't wear perfume

    PERFUME: following cold, L'AP Dzongka, a thrill for the nose. Sometimes this turns a bit sour on me, but it was smooth after the cold.

    ANTICIPATION: Chandler Burr on Open Sky. I was too late for the scent, and think I know the second one. But I love the idea of this series and still expect he'll send out something I've never sniffed that will knock my socks off.


  15. Book- Canada by Richard Ford - very good!

    Music- Van Morrison

    Perfume- None (Allergic so sad)

    Makeup- Maybelline Colour Tattoo in bad to the bronze with Burberry pale barley on top.

    Frequently worn- tracksuit bottoms (on study leave from work)

    Food- Nettle soup - turning weeds into food -yum!

    Shame inducing guilty pleasure- I think this is always my one but its the Kardashians - I just love the smokey eyes.

    Bane of my existence- Studying

    Joy- Being at home in the countryside and being able to go for a walk.

    Anticipation- my Sundays off - trips planned. I like visiting historic houses and gardens.

    Wishlist- I can't decide whether I want Guerlain Capri eyeshadow (summer collections here come out much later, maybe a month ago). The Guerlain fall blushes look great.

    Random Thought- You are only as good as the last exam you passed...

  16. Book: Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui

    Music: Anything played on my favorite classical music radio station

    Perfume: 10 Corso Como

    Food: Chickpea salad with grape tomatoes, green onions

    Shame inducing guilty pleasure: The fact that Katie Holmes did the same thing to Tom Cruise that Tom Cruise did to Nicole Kidman. What goes around comes around.

    Bane of my existence: The HEAT!!

    Random thought: Always do random acts of kindness.


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