Thursday, September 08, 2011

Anthony Logistics For Men Shave Cream and VitaMan Shave Gel

Today's post was written by The Blond, aka The Husband. He's become pretty serious about skincare over the years, but all my efforts to upgrade his shaving ritual have been in vain so far. Here's what he had to say:

One of the many benefits of being married to a beauty blogger is the occasional men's skincare sample that I'm game to try. After all, she did help me find the Holy Grail.

So let's talk about shaving. I'm the tough beard, sensitive skin combo that makes shaving a bit rough sometimes. I tried products from 2 men's specialty lines: Shave Cream from Anthony and a Shave Gel from VitaMan Grooming (great manly names don't you think?).

Unfortunately, both failed to deliver.
It's not that the gel / cream itself was not decent but both forgot some of the basics:
1. It needs to lather. I don't care how great the Eucalyptus Oil in VitaMan or the Aloe leaf juice in Anthony are, I need to see what I already shaved and the work ahead. Amazing how you never think about about the role of the lather until you put a clear gel on and end up shaving the same area over and over while completely missing a few spots.
2. It needs to stay. Anthony was not completely clear but the lather produced was so thin and runny, it trickled down my neck into areas I'm sure the wife would not mind I do shave from time to time..
3. It needs to make the shaving experience a lot better to justify the steep price. Anthony is $10 for 2oz while VitaMan is $35 for 5oz. For comparison, the Gillette 7oz gel sells around $4. I admit to using both of these products just a handful of times but neither convinced me it made the shaving easier or made my skin feel better afterwards than the Gillette. 

Bottom line: All hype. Back to my Gillette Gel.

Image: W.C. Fields and Jean Rouverol in the movie It's A Gift, 1934


  1. That's just a great review, the Blonde. The Non Blonde and the the Blonde both have a sense of humor, I just love it.


  2. Thanks for the review :) My husband actually uses (and loves!) the Anthony shave cream, ... but before that he used King of Shaves oil, so I guess for some reason, he's never needed/wanted later? We do have one of those non-fog mirrors in the shower so maybe he just looks really really closely, LOL. I'll have to ask.
    My mother accidentally bought him the Anthony shave gel (giant bottle) instead of the cream, and he doesn't like it as much ... so I'm currently using that one up - same thing with no later. It's nice but not stand-out, I'd say. Totally acceptable for legs and armpits.


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