Thursday, September 15, 2011

Laura Mercier Smoky Eyeliner & Sephora Pro #24 Smoky Liner Brushes

When it comes to smoking out eyeliner I often prefer small smudge brushes (such as Paula Dorf or Louise Young LY16). It's not that they're necessarily better than pointy brushes, not at all, actually. It's more about the way I hold the brush and a less poky feel when using a tool with a wider edge. But sometimes I do reach for the precision smoky liner brushes, such as the one from Laura Mercier and Sephora Platinum Pro #24. It's usually when I want to use an eye shadow as a liner under the lower lashes, going for a diffused yet directional application.

Laura Mercier Smoky Eyeliner and Sephora Pro #24 Smoky Liner are not identical: the Laura Mercier is pointier, thinner and a little more flexible. Still, I consider them almost interchangeable, unless I have a very specific task at hand, such as applying the eye shadow wet (better with Laura Mercier) or really smoking and diffusing under the lash line (usually Sephora #24).

Both Laura Mercier and Sephora Smoky liner are made of synthetic hair, they're soft, never hurt or irritate delicate skin and clean up easily. They can also be used for concealing small blemishes or for any other detailed work.

Bottom Line: not frequent fliers but still very useful in a brush collection.

Laura Mercier Smoky Eyeliner ($29) and Sephora Pro #24 Smoky Liner ($18) brushes are both to be found at Sephora; the Laura Maercier brush ia also available at the counters and from


  1. Oh, I love the point on that Laura Mercier brush. I need to pay more attention to LM brushes!

  2. Great and timely review. I have been wondering about Sephora Pro #24. Gaia, is #24 similar to Burberry eye brush #10? I have been looking for something like Burberry #10 and wonder if you may have any suggestion. Thanks.


  3. I'm so glad you wrote this review. I've been wanting a smoky smudging / pencil-esque brush. I didn't realize there were synthetics out there. This makes me so happy! The Sephora Professionel is definitely on my brush-buy list now :)

  4. I have the Laura Mercier Smokey Eyeliner Brush; it is exactly as you say and a real winner. Highly recommended for lining and smoking liner out, AND under eye applications.

  5. Love the LM brush smokey brush, something about how densely packed the bristles are + the finer point and I absolutely agree with you it's a real keeper and very nice to work with.

  6. I enjoy using the LM the same way you do ... I am now looking forward to trying it as a concealer brush (once it's washed) I never considered it that way, but I think it could perform well.


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