Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hakuhodo Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush WM (E0186)

Since I'm in a "best of the best" mood, let's have a look at an excellent eye shadow brush from the elegant Hakuhodo Kokutan series. I've reviewed several Kokutan brushes in the past and I know I'm not the only one who can't resist these beauties with their ebony wood handles that feel warm to the touch. One buys them as a gift to herself and to her makeup, they're just that special.

Hakuhodo Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush WM has a short handle, but at 15mm(length)x 4mm (thickness) x 10mm (base) you can see it's similar in proportions to many medium-size brushes. The weasel hair is bundled quite firmly, allowing for some serious color packing (it picks up more product than the feather-soft S100 brushes). The Kokutan WM E0186 is quite precise and thin enough for crease work and other tasks using its curved edge. Several times when in a hurry I used nothing but this one and a fluffy blending brush for a full eye makeup, as it's so reliable, flexible and easy to use. It's that minuscule different of little extra length and less width/thickness that gives this Hakuhodo brush its advantage.

Bottom Line: worth every cent.

Hakuhodo Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush WM E0186 ($54) is available from They ship worldwide.


  1. I love this brush (and the very close analogue from Shu Uemura). Sable brushes are the best.

  2. Gaia,

    I have searched for this brush on the Hakudod website and can't find an E1086. Could it be E0186? Thanks...


  3. Dain, I agree. I love this one and the S100s as well as my various Shu. They make a big difference in application.

  4. Tara, thanks for the correction. It's fixed now.

  5. A gift to myself? Warm handle? It would be wrong to pretend I'm not going to straight to their website to browse the Kokutan range. I really need another brush which is good at laying down lots of colour. This sounds perfect.

  6. I think you mean mm, not ml (the brushes are not fluids after all) :)

  7. Hi, I've read all you reviews of Hakuhodo's eye brushes and I need an advice. I would like to buy 2 or 3 "basic" eye brushes but I'm lost. I have little lids. Which brushes would be the best for me ? Thanks a lot
    (sorry for my bad english ^^).

  8. I love this brush! It's the only Kokutan brush I have -- so far ;)


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