Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Got Rid Of The Man Colour Burst Lipstick

Rouge Bunny Rouge Got Rid Of The Man Colour Burst Lipstick is a color that means business. It's a deep burgundy, intensely pigmented and definitely on the vampy side. It's not for the meek or faint of heart, though on occasion I've mixed it with a sheer balm to get a sexy stain that isn't too dramatic. Be aware that Got Rid Of The Man has a brown undertone, so tweaking and adjusting the rest of your makeup as to avoid looking like an early 90s reject is advisable.

The formula of all Rouge Bunny Rouge lipsticks is comfortable to wear and quite hydrating. Still, as with all dark colors you need to make sure your lips are in prime shape: moisturized, smooth with no flakes. I dearly recommend using a lip liner and applying carefully with a brush.

The ingredient list of Rouge Bunny Rouge  Colour Burst lipsticks includes perfume, but I can't say I detect anything other than a very faint sweetness. Just take this into account if you suffer from allergies. The formula is reasonably tenacious, doesn't transfer and fades very evenly.

Bottom Line: gorgeous.

Rouge Bunny Rouge  Colour Burst lipstick (~$35 at the current exchange rate)  is exclusive to zuneta.com. They ship all over the world.


  1. Wow, that is a stunning colour. I bet it looks amazing on you. I giggled to myself at the 90s reject comment. I wore a very brown based lip colour the other day and ended up just going with it. I ended up more RuPaul than Kevyn Aucoin cover look though!

  2. This is, indeed, a good one! Your pictures came out excellent, too, really captured it perfectly. GRoTM reminds me of Laura Mercier Bing Cherry without the hint of plum. I wear it on my sassy days.

  3. Oh, that is gorgeous. I've been eyeing Rouge Bunny Rouge since your first post about their products and I think this might be the one to finally push me to place a Zuneta order.

    - Kel

  4. I love that color! I have nothing from that line and love reading your posts about it.

  5. I haven't tried RBR lippies, I've heard wonderful reviews, and I must say this color is gorgeous! Must put together a Zunetta order pronto!

  6. I LOVE deep brown based burgundys so this is definitely up my alley.

    At the moment I'm really enjoying RBR Sheer lipstick in Murmurings. The formula is fantastic!


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