Tuesday, September 06, 2011

New Tauer Fragrance, Films And Giveaway

One of the coolest perfume projects in which I've had the honor of participating is the Tauer Tableau de Parfums collaboration with filmmaker Brian Pera. I'll tell you more about it in a second, but first- this week's giveaway of a very special perfume sample is hosted on Perfume Shrine. You have until tomorrow to enter the draw, so please visit the link above and do so.

Now, for the story behind the project I'll defer to Andy Tauer's description:
Perfumer Andy Tauer and filmmaker Brian Pera announce the launch of a ten year collaboration between the arts of film and perfume in October with a new line of fragrances, Tableau de Parfums, and the series Woman's Picture, an ongoing collection of short films which inspire these scents. The Tableau fragrances are packaged with the films and accompanying novelettes inspired by the principal characters of the series.

Miriam, the first fragrance of the Tableau de Parfums line, reaches back in time. It is a fragrance inspired by the first episodic short of Woman’s Picture, featuring Ann Magnuson in the title role, which gives life to a character in the middle of a storm of memories and an uncertain future. The Woman's Picture series and Tableau de Parfums focus on perfume and memories: To celebrate the launch of the projects, Brian Pera conducted filmed interviews with women involving their childhood memories of the perfumes their mothers and grandmothers wore. These will be broadcast over the months of September and October on this blog and others.

Miriam eau de parfum launches October 7 at the Scentbar in Los Angeles. On October 6th, several of the Woman's Picture shorts, including MIRIAM, will screen at the Royal T gallery in Los Angeles as part of the Getty's Pacific Standard Time event.
When I saw the first poster of Miriam I was reminded of this 60s photo I had for a while (oroginally found it on myvintagevogue.com):

A perfume with a vintage vibe? Yes, please! My own post/review/giveaway will be featured here on September 28th. The  project is scheduled as follows:
September 7: Persolaise
September 14: Olfactorama
September 21: Perfume Smellin’ Things
September 28: The Non-Blonde
October 5: Perfume Posse

And, as I mentioned above, visit Perfume Shrine today for Elena's review and giveaway.

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