Friday, September 16, 2011

Givenchy Ysatis (Vintage Extrait de Parfum)

I had no idea I love and can wear Ysatis, the 1984 perfume monster from Givenchy. My sister used to wear it at some point during our late teens or early twenties, and I'm pretty sure our mother is still traumatized by the memory of Ysatis clouds hanging in the air between the bathroom and my sister's bedroom. But apparently I've been missing out on a fantastically dirty floriental that's quite old school 1980s. I love my big florientals, from the original Tiffany to Panthere de Cartier. Like Ysatis, they have a bold white floral core and more than a little cleavage.

Ysatis, despite the Givenchy pedigree and its Dominique Ropion parentage  smells like a bold Italian perfume more than a grandchild of Le De or L'Interdit. Then again, who looked or smelled like themselves in 1984? Ysatis is not for the meek or for those still figuring out their taste and style. This perfume will steal the show if you let it, so the wearer should know how to rule the sillage, leash and unleash it and own it till the last creamy drop.

I understand why this Givenchy perfume earned haters for every fan who overindulged in the sweet civet nectar. Spray too much, sweat a little more and your loved ones will have to arrange an intervention. But the older parfum concentration I own (now discontinued) is rich, honeyed and a touch less tropical than how I remember the EDT of yore. My bottle is part of a pretty Givenchy coffret from 1999 or 2000 I've had for years and barely touched; now I'm hoarding every last drop for the opposite reason. The bold, all-woman statement of Ysatis is exactly what I crave lately, even if like many of Dominique Ropion's perfume it's a drama queen. The way Ysatis develops and takes to my skin is very satisfying. The animalic vanilla dry-down is something rarely smelled these days. I adore it, even if occasionally I'm reminded of the mushroom cloud
just outside my sister's old bedroom.

Notes: citrus, ylang-ylang, galbanum, coconut, rosewood, aldehydes, jasmine, rose, iris, tuberose, narcissus, musk, amber, vanilla, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood and civet.

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Givenchy Ysatis perfume ads from 1987, 1988, 1992 (model Carla Bruni) and 1996:


  1. "Then again, who looked or smelled like themselves in 1984?"

    It's lines like this that have me checking in to your blog several times a day even tho' I rarely wear makeup (but love perfume!)

    Thanks for my morning guffaw, Gaia!

  2. I love all the reviews, just not all the reviewed! Ysatis was just okay for me. Not a bit crazy about it at

  3. WANT Ysatis in extrait. Now I'll be on the hunt... Because surely the parfum has less monster sillage, yes?

  4. I loved it and wore it. Thanks for reminding me of lovely times!

  5. I wore Ysatis and loved it! Thanks for reminding me of great times.

  6. I so loved the original Ysatis in the eighties, it was one of the favorites along with Poison and Opium!

  7. I adore Ysatis, it was my grandmother's scent for many years. I have a nearly-empty vintage bottle of hers from the late 80's and it's wonderful. Ysatis also had a body cream that was a whipped cream/gel formula, loaded with the real perfume, and light yet rich, it was my favorite in the winter.

  8. Hello Ladies, I am a man and I am trying to fulfill an old wish from my mother. She has a very good touch for choosing and wearing perfums and she asked me when I travel to Paris to buy her the original Givenchy Perfum Extract for women. I remember as a kid she had a little whyte box with a little bottle inside and that was her most wanted perfum ever. So, I believe I am talking about this perfum from Givenchy "Eau de Givenchy" for women. Question: Does any of you know where in Paris can I buy it? The Givenchy's Stores in Paris would be the best place to find it? What do you suggest? I would be very glad with any help you could provide me. My mother has 78 years old and I want to bring her at least three of those bottles for her when I come back to Brazil where we live. in Thanks in advance!!!


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