Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sue Devitt Belize Silky Blush

Fans of cool-toned blushes should take a look at Belize Silky Blush by Sue Devitt. Described as a "shimmering pink-plum", but actually low in shimmer and more pink than anything else, this is a very pretty color that balances out a bronzed look and appears more natural on the face than on my arm. Still, if it weren't a gift with purchase and I could have had my pick when I got it, I'd go with Katherine, a deeper and not as cool a shade.

I swatched it a little heavily, so take note that when applied with a fluffy blush brush or a Yachio, Sue Devitt Belize is more sheer and has a fine glow. Like all Sue Devitt blushes I've tried so far (see my review of Tralee) , it's easy to blend and has a very fine and light texture. Speaking of Tralee, I sometimes mix the two together and it looks pretty- not too nude, not too cool.

Bottom Line: worth testing.

Sue Devitt Belize Silky Blush ($20) is available at many department stores (my local Macy's has a fully stocked counter) and from suedevittbeauty.com. I got it as a GWP months ago.

Handsome model: Kosh


  1. I'm not sure whether I like the silky pink color or the color of Kosh's fur better =)

    I suppose that's like comparing apples to oranges. Both are beautiful!

  2. I need both this blush and a cuddle with Kosh.


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