Sunday, September 18, 2011

Emmys 2011- Live Blogging The Red Carpet

Good dresses, bad dresses- Stay tuned!

Red dresses: from the painful-for-our-brains Giuliana Rancic to real people. I can get behind that. Not to mention Lea Michele's elegant dress: it's interesting, original and no side-boobs or nip-slip potential. Even Kathy Griffin looks borderline normal.

Not sure about Julianna Margulies' breastplate as much as I love her, but at least we have Christina Hendricks in Johanna Johnson. She almost makes up for the ear assault from Tracy Morgan. He really shouldn't be around for a very long time. And, no, forgiving and forgetting is not my thing. Sorry.

On to something much better: Christine Baranski. I want to be her when I grow up.

So pretty: Zooey Deschanel in Monique L'huillier brings even more color, while Julie Bowen is all glamor. The hair and her earrings are perfect, too. The sternum? Not so much.

I'm not too crazy about Gwyneth's Pucci dress. If she can't pull it off, who can? Seal is also showing a little too much skin, and Heidi Klum got someone's brains appliqued to her hem. Where's Tim Gunn when you need him?

Jon Hamm in Tom Ford. That's the definition of perfection. Try arguing with this.

Bottom Line: get a red dress. Or some red pajamas.

Photos: Zimbio, Just Jared and Faded Youth Blog.


  1. Where's the Jon Hamm pic? Where? Where?

    And that dress make Gwyneth look like she has love handles, which I'm sure she does not possess. So ITA, if she can't pull it off almost no one can.

  2. Added the Jon Hamm photo. Now we can drool peace ;) .

  3. Ah, there he is :-)

    I think his wife looks equally as stunning. Her dress is one of the best of the night. I also think Cat Deely was a standout as well.

  4. Overall, a textbook case of the sheer awfulness (okay, sometimes deliciously awful) award shoes. It reminded me how dreadful most of television is, how much news shows have become a variation of entertainment and how tastelessness reigns. The fact that same performers and shows keep winning year after year is a sign, either that the voters have no imagination and no interest in a diversity of talent, or that there really are only two or three shows of merit. (You can pick which one applies).
    I watched mostly because I admire Jane Lynch, the host who had to perform that awful opening number (See A Mighty Wind, to watch how she can do a comedy music number. In it she plays a former porn star who has now cheerfully morphed into a Christian Music performer) I got treated to, among other things, a reminder of how bad an actor Charlie Sheen is (with his stilted "good luck" to the 2 1/2 men colleagues he previously insulted and sued); the proposition that "Tots and Tiaras" qualifies as a show deserving a nomination for excellence, and was subject to the use of Leonard Cohen's song about the humiliations of love as a some sort of Kadish.
    The clothes were okay in the boring, satin uniform that is worn on such occasions, with the exception of the very fine actress from Justified who apparently could not walk up the steps to collect her award in her heels and gown. (Catch her performance as a woman mob boss, controlling the coal concessions, drug dealing and moonshine in her part of Kentucky.)
    Yes John Hamm looked perfect. He always does.

  5. So much red! Lovely though... Thank you for including a picture of my dream man, hottie Jon Hamm :)

  6. A good friend of mine, brian f o'byrne was nominated for an award for mildred - he didn't win, lost to guy pearce but was happy to be there!

    John Hamm as always is devine!


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