Thursday, September 01, 2011

Jean Marc Sinan- Lune

Lune by Jean Marc Sinan is a mystery. The perfume isn't listed in any of the databases, the Jean Marc Sinan perfume line seems to be discontinued though Lune and other later releases are still available from many online discounters, often for half a song. Sinan himself, an artist and fashion designer, seems to have moved on to hotel  and spa design.

Lune is probably a product of the late1990s, though it doesn't smell so. It's a sharp green chypre that at least in the EDT version that floats around has an opening that smells a little too simplistic, not to mention cheap. It's like a cartoon version of the classic green chypre that tries too hard and ends up with a very dated and slightly ridiculous feel; I'm saying this as a die-hard green chypre lover. Lune is almost unpleasant for the first 20 minutes or so (and quite awful in the first five. This is what my mom would have probably identified back in the day as "smells like cheap perfume". And it does).

If it weren't for the way the perfume develops into a softer green floral with a side of muguet and something hyacinth and iris-like, I would have probably sent the little bottle down to the basement to become part of the cleaning supplies for the cats' bathroom area, or maybe not even that. I use Method and Caldrea cleaning products; They smell better. But there is something attractive in the latter part of Lune. It gets sweeter and a bit musky. There's that green floral part and maybe something hay-like. It's nice. I enjoy wearing it occasionally, as long as I make sure to spray it very early, before I have to face the day, other people or get into my car, because even I don't want to be in close quarters with myself for the first 20 minutes.

Top Image: The Nifty Fifties on Tumblr
Second image: a fashion photograph by Jean Marc Sinan, 1987


  1. I almost purchased this and am glad I didn't. I wanted the original Sinan de Marc Sinan and after 2 years of searching I was able to score an unopened bottle on EBAY which came from an estate sale. It was less than $40 and I love it. Thansk for that review.

  2. Uh...what planet are YOU from?!! Only two notes separate Sinan by Jean Marc Sinan from Lune, its sister, which was introduced within the same year, I'm a huge fan of the Chypre family, and these fragrances are, far and away, the best of the lot. The quality of its ingredients is readily apparent.


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