Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Cosme Proud Gold Revitalizer Exfoliating Gel

I happened upon a Cosme Proud skincare counter at the Limelight Marketplace in NYC earlier this year. I was only vaguely familiar with the name of this Japanese company and didn't know anything about the products, so I let the young SA give me a demonstration of the cleansing products, Cosme Proud Gold Revitalizer Exfoliating Cream and the Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam (review coming soon). I didn't expect much, but seeing and feeling what these products did to the back of my hand was enough to set my credit card free.

The Gold Revitalizer gel has 24 karat gold flecks suspended in it (it looks like a thicker and goldier Guerlain L'Or primer). After you remove your makeup and/or wash your face, take a full scoop of Gold Revitalizer (a spatula is included, so you don't contaminate the product) and spread it over dry face. Then gently massage your face in a circular motion until the gold flecks disappear and the Gold Revitalizer gel becomes watery. It's a weird but oddly nice sensation, and it helps you know you're doing it right. It takes less than a minute in most cases, but I've learned tat if my face isn't clean enough to begin with I need a little more product and a few more seconds. Once you reach the watery stage you should stop massaging and let the gel work as a mask for 15 seconds. Once you start massaging lightly again you'll see icky dead skin peeling off. It's a little unnerving, but you don't actually feel anything and there's no chaffing sensation. Rinse away with cool or lukewarm water and you're done (other than serum, moisturizers and whatever else you do normally).

You're supposed to use the Gold Revitalizer 2-3 times a week but since I also use a Clarisonic brush a couple of times a week I only reach for the Cosme Proud exfoliator once every five or six days. Seeing my dead skin melting in front of me without any abrasive action, there's no denying my face absorb skin care much better after using the Cosme Proud gold gel. I use it at night before loading up on serum and other goodies and wake up with a very happy skin. There's some scientific information on the company's website, explaining why gold and the negative ions in the products are good for us. I can't confirm or disprove any of it, so I'm not getting into any of it here. From what I see on my skin it is an effective skincare product that's easy to work into my regimen and makes my face look nicer. The Revitalizer is supposed to be suitable for all skin types. I'm guessing that it's true, unless someone is hyper-sensitive and needs to be careful of all exfoliating products.

 Bottom Line: I'll have to repurchase in a month or so.

Cosme Proud Gold Revitalizer Exfoliating Gel ($100, 1.8 oz) is available from and through the company's website (

Photo: Face Paint-Gold by D. Matthew on Flickr (and some manipulations by me).


  1. I love the photo you chose! Though $100 for an exfoliator is pricey, it sounds intriguing. I like that you manipulate it rather than leaving it on. Didn't YSL make something similar? Not sure how well it worked.

  2. Last time I was at Limelight, I tried the exfoliating gel and was so impressed with how well it worked. I should pick it up the next time I have the money to spare.

  3. This sounds and looks interesting. My only hesitation is the price tag:(

  4. Wow! That sounds ridiculously amazing.

  5. This sounds very interesting to me, i've been using a similar product in the last few weeks (Kanebo Sensai Silk Peeling Mask), and I must say it works very well in exfoliating and moisturising my skin.
    I tried a sample of the YSL gel Ava mentiones but it didn't do much and left my skin too dry.
    A for the price the Kanebo was 65,00 Euros for 75ML.


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