Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brigitte Bardot!

Brigitte Bardot is 77 today.


  1. Really? She's a horrible old racist.

  2. No, she is not racist. She just wants France to remain French, is all. There are too many changes (too fast) to France now. She is a favorite of mine, and has been forever! One of the sexiest women alive; despite her wrinkles and retirement. A real original, Bardot loves animals and was one of the first women to really do what she liked. Nothing wrong with that. I am honored that she is Libra like myself.

    Joyeux Anniversaire!

  3. If she wants France to remain French because of the supposed superiority of whatever "French" means to her, that is the definition of racism.

  4. Well, anonymous, she is too old to change for you now; and to her, the trouble that some of the Muslim population is causing is not welcome to her in her own country. I will say one thing: they did not have some of those problem before the mass exodus into France. But times change, and some people have a hard time with it. I don't think it is a matter of racism, but one must place the blame where it belongs.

    So much for pc.

  5. While some amazing things have come out of France, including perfumes and cosmetics of the like shown on this blog, the French have made a name for themselves in exporting their own culture to other countries (they even have a national department focused on this!) AND imposing that culture as well (in the former colonies). Furthermore, at least part of the reason why their country was able to flourish economically and culturally was due to their exploitation of other societies/cultures (for example, 1 of 8 French people were able to leave off of the money military forced from Haiti until 1947).

    It's only fair that they receive some changes to their own culture.
    You've gotta reap what you sow. Rejection of the influx of other cultures may not technically be 'racism' (maybe 'culturalism'?) but it's certainly hypocritical.

  6. I am so glad, anonymous, that you are here to crack the case of whthere Bardot is worthy of admiration. I still think that Bardot is a fashion and beauty icon. I also thik that she, like you, has a right to her opinions; particularly about her own country. There is no nation that is perfect.

    America has committed a few acts such as those you mention as well. The history of any country will show good and bad. Ms. Bardot is not responsible for the colonization of Haiti. It really has no place in a conversation about fashion and beauty ideals.

  7. When a beauty/fashion icon (which no doubt Bardot is) uses her celebrity status to publicly speak up about politics, then we all agree that the bridge between beauty icon and politics has been crossed. It’s also understandable that some people may perceive someone else to be less beautiful or worthy of admiration when his/her mind doesn’t display beauty at the same level than his/her appearance and clothes do, especially when such person is touted not merely as good looking but as iconic.

    If politics have no place in this blog, then you, hopflower, shouldn’t have tried so adamantly to defend Bardot’s political views (to which she is entitled) or try to lecture us about what explanation of culture superiority [some] French people use to justify their desire for cultural (and racial) purity. Yes, it is obvious to everyone that Bardot is not responsible for the colonization of Haiti, which, by the way, I only used to provide a solid example for my argument, not to open any past wounds. But, if Bardot is going to publicly speak her mind about national issues regarding her own country, I believe that she should be held responsible for the understanding of her own countries’ past history and the global context in which the present of her country unfolds.

    Now, with your permission, I think we should all go back to admiring Bardot’s beauty, keeping her political views separate from the admiration of her physical beauty, and letting this wonderful blog continue without any more defensive arguments from your part.

  8. I've gotta agree with Arlita and 'anonymous' here. Bardot has even been convicted several times by French courts on counts of 'inciting racial hatred'. She is not a representative of France; instead, she uses her long-ago-derived celebrity status to propagate her racial animosity.

    Regarding hopflower’s comment that this has no place here -- It’s my understanding that Gaia monitors and approves all comments on this blog. If that’s the case, she clearly believes this commentary adds something of value to the forum. Regardless, I’d imagine she’d agree anyway – since the blog is also about “…an occasional snarky remark about celebrities.”

    So, here’s my snarky remark about this celebrity: She’s a horrible racist and a baiter of controversy.

    Anonymous is right; the worst kinds of public figures are those that are inciting and bigoted, but are unelected celebrities. It makes shutting them up their negativity about society all the more difficult. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but not when the expression of that opinion incites violence and hatred towards a person or people. Period. And, that’s something that both the American and French (and other) courts all agree upon.

    Being pretty 40+ years ago does not give a person the right to ride on those coattails to the point that it infringes upon the rights of an entire group of people.

  9. Well. I guess I have been told. LOL!

  10. I actually liked the part that anon said ''she's racist'' and hopflower reacts like ''only aganist muslims in france'' God bless america. It's ok to be a racist if it's aganist muslim citizens in paris. I'm a muslim, I did nothing wrong and Bardot just want me get the hell out of her country.. If it's not racism, than you guys really gotta change the highschool programs.

  11. I don't think she's "racist against muslims", Bardot does the same with other religions (yes she does, believe me) whenever animals rights are forgotten. She doesn't like the way religions -amongst others- abuse animals. So what ? Who does ? Stop being hypocritical, people.
    PS : I am myself of muslim origin and I don't need people to critisize BB on my behalf, thank you nevertheless. :) Most of all, I'm a vegetarian so dying animals are more worrying than offended people suing an old lady, in my humble opinion.
    Kiss from France


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