Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Urban Decay Underground Deluxe Eyeshadow

Urban Decay eye shadows aren't necessarily known for subtlety, for better and for worse. This is the brand, after all, for those looking for acid green and shocking pink eye makeup. But they also make some gorgeous wearable colors; Urban Decay Underground Deluxe Eyeshadow is one such item.

Urban Decay Deluxe is a range of single eye shadows in colorful packaging (each color has a different compact). It has a psychedelic aesthetics on the outside,but Underground is an elegant brown-leaning taupe with a perfectly acceptable shimmer and a silky texture. The eye shadow applies beautifully and stays put for as long as I need it, looking a lot more refined and expensive than it actually is.

Bottom Line: Kosh is not the only Underground fan in this household.

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow ($18) is available from Sephora, online and in store.


  1. Underground might be one of Urban Decay's best eyeshadows. Do you have Toasted, YDK, and Stray Dog as well?

  2. Aw I love how your kitty is helping ;)

  3. I love it when you incorporate your kitty in your posts. =)

  4. i do like some of UD's taupes and browns esp toasted and mushroom. I haven't tried this particular one yet though!

  5. I love that last picture. The eyeshadow looks pretty good too ;)

  6. That nuzzling photo is very very cute!!!

  7. Had to comment on this post though it is from last year...as a feline enthusiast, I *love* when you have a paw here for a tail there in your photos. The kitty face reflection in photo number 2 is so adorable!


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