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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. It's sci-fi, which I should love, but I'm not enchanted with the writing or the level of sophistication. The 80s pop culture references are fun, though.

Marcus Foster

Andy Tauer's Tableau de Parfums Miriam (the giveaway is still open!), DSH Pandora and Uncle Serge's Chergui. Please tell me not to try and layer them.

I got a Shu Uemura makeover while in Paris and I'm more in love with the brand than ever. Please come back to the US.

Frequently worn outfit / item
I had a couple of "get ready quickly and head out of the house NOW" instances in the last couple of weeks that found me putting on a print DVF wrap top and interesting accessories while wearing black yoga pants. I promise not to do it to often, but it works in a pinch.

I shouldn't even be thinking about food after Paris. I could use a nice eclair now.

Bane of my existenceMy right wrist has seen better days.

Their names are Olivia (left) and Cedric.

The new TV season. Could I be any lamer?

Wish List

Something about this Lanvin look really speaks to me. The problem is that the cardigan is actually cocoon-shaped and gives one a saggy butt, unless she's extremely tall. Which I'm utterly not. I guess I'll have to settle for the gloves.

Random Thoughts
The very last musical bits in the teaser for American Horror Story (a series I have no intention to watch) sounds both haunting and familiar. Anyone knows what it is?

What are your current loves, recommendations, banes, wishes and random thoughts? Please share!

Art: Red Citroen by Miguel Freitas
Lanvin cardigan from
Everything else by me and the husband.


  1. I currently have the Sister Act musical on repeat on iTunes and hum it on my daily commute.

    Anticipating the release of the iPhone 5 since I lost mine a month ago (productivity down by half since then!)

    Also anticipating RBL's next BiB pre-order happening next weekend. Been lemming Anne since a year ago

    Got three brushes from hakuhodo yesterday :)

  2. Where was Kosh in your joy photo? (I love kitty pics.)

  3. I was just teasing in the above comment. Two kitties is just fine!

  4. An eclair is always welcome. Why not whip up a few?

  5. Currently I'm obsessed with finding a better foundation, going around to counters and asking for samples.

    And happiness over my new foundation brush which is a funny coincidence. I had told a friend I was looking for a new foundation because mine looked too obvious...she went to Sephora and bought me the Pro #55 for my birthday on their rec. Happy happy, but of course I had to come home and see what you had said about it..and was so tickled it made the list! And wow, it does make a big difference.

    Now waiting eagerly for the blush and eyeliner brush reviews, next on the list to upgrade. And pretty please, a post on brush care and cleaning??

  6. The music you're hearing in the "American Horror" ad is a cover of Soft Cell's "Tainted Love". I just happened to see the full ad for it a few weeks ago. Very curious about this one!

  7. I love this post. I don't know how I ever missed the series. That Lanvin sweater is gorgeous. Good for my pear shape because it would skim the hips. And I wish Shu would come back, too. I am clinging to my very last M Beige 800, 804, and 834, and I've been nursing M Grey 943 for a few years. Sad.

    American Horror Story is something I'd watch. I enjoy Glee (though I am always a season behind), and Dylan McDermott ... Yum. That brings me to the book part. I am almost ashamed to admit that I have been lured into my first horror novel since freshman year college, and I've just started reading Off Season by Jack Ketchum. Apparently it's quite controversial, so of course I was intrigued. So far the writing is excellent. Maybe a little too much so. House of Mirth is usually about all the horror I can take.

    My favorite perfume for this in-between part of the season (really my favorite time of the year) is Ecume de Rose Les Parfums de Rosine. Beauty Habit is having their F&F 20% off right now, and I think I need to buy more of this scent.

    Hey, I'm all about the black yoga pants! I don't wear them out, but at home it's all about comfort. Black cropped yoga pants and a white v-neck tee under a dove grey cashmere cardigan, hair in top knot. And lipstick. Yep, that's always part of the outfit.

    I LOVE those little piggie eclairs in your photo. How cute!

    Meanwhile, I am anticipating my new Kindle Fire and the book by the CEO of Besame Cosmetics. And a week of me-time over the Columbus holiday!

  8. Book-Feed, I love zombie and horror genre reads.... I'm gearing up for Halloween with all my favorite horror movies (of the classic variety)

    Music-All Goth, with some Jean Pierre Rampal thrown in. I love his lyrical style and bright tone. Having a gold flute doesn't hurt either.....

    Perfume-Bandit or Fendi extrait. A new love of mine are oud scents. Just tried Red and Black Oud by Montale, instant love, although I have to remember to apply lightly!

    Makeup-Edward Bess *love*!

    Frequently worn outfit, I'm blah about clothes and am ready to clean out the closets and hunt the vintage and consignment shops in SF.

    Food-My favorite bakery, Patisserie Delanghe closed. It was a sad day, I loved their almond croissants. Boulangerie is a close second though.

    Joy-Seeing other's furr babies! *Squish!* Cedric and Olivia are CUTE! I love my furr babies too.

    Bane of my existence-Health issues. Fortunately, the docs at UCSF are great. (I'm sorry to hear about your wrist-I hope things get better).

    Anticipation, going to see family back East for the holidays, and it's a surprise.... I can't wait to see the looks on their faces.

  9. Book
    Today, I ordered the book from the CEO of Besame Cosmetics. I'm looking forward to all of the pretty pictures!

    The Weeknd, always The Weeknd

    Whoa, I need to try layering DSH Pandora with Chergui. I've been all about my Pandora sample lately. Also, I received samples of every Roxana Villa fragrance, and it's been like Christmas playing with them all.

    I'm a little indifferent right now, believe it or not!

    Frequently worn outfit / item
    Beat up flats and skinny jeans.

    Too many cookies. Too many cookies!

    Bane of my existence
    Pretty much everything, at the moment. I'm going through a very trying time right now and am not coping very well.

    Sleep =/

    My life getting back to normal.

    Wish List
    New jeans and a few new sweatshirts.

    Random Thoughts
    Why is Whole Foods so good but so expensive?!

    PS - My Captcha is "untrim". Thanks for reminding me that I need to stop eating cookies, Blogger! Ha!

  10. Books? Too many, right now. Should be reading "Little Bee" for my Book Group, but reading cookbooks instead.

    Bane? RAIN! Been the wettest September in Ohio's recorded weather.

    Joy? Zachary Wiant F. My first great-nephew. Born Sept. 29 in Minneapolis. He's a week early, but everyone is doing well.

    Music--heard Bruce Cockburn (said Coe-burn) in concert on September 27. He is a Canadian singer-songwriter, and his music is an absolute passion of mine.

    Food? Carbs, carbs, carbs!

    Looking for: a good facial care line that works without bankruptcy. I still have summer oil with winter sensitivity and .......

    Scent? Vent Vert, Purple Patchouli (I love it far more than real patchouli!), and Pi.

    The fur babies are adorable.

    Lawrence Wiant P. in Ohio

  11. Book: The DSM-IV, for a psychiatry class I am taking for my MSW. It makes me slightly paranoid about the various personality disorders I may or may not have!

    Music: Myself, working on my polyphony by playing Handel on the piano.

    Perfume: I am in a cool, shimmery mood lately: L'eau d'Hiver, Chamade, and Chanel No. 19.

    Makeup: Chanel Rouge Coco Etole lipstick is my current favorite, paired with Rose Ecrin blush.

    Frequently worn outfit: I love merino for the fall!

    Food: Almonds and pistachios

    Bane of my existence: The rain!

    Joy: My friend from Toronto visiting for the weekend.

    Anticipation: Waiting for the leaves to really change color.

    Wish List: Chamade Parfum de Toilette

    Random thoughts: I need a new cell phone because mine shuts off by itself whenever it gets overheated - that is, constantly!


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