Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NARS Eye Conrour Brush #14

It was brought to my attention that while I've been showing NARS Eye Conrour Brush #14 in many reviews for comparison, I have yet to actually talk about this brush. This must be rectified, as NARS #14 is a staple and a starting point in assessing brushes of similar size and shape.

Made from 80% goat hair and 20% pony hair, NARS #14 is dense and firm, perfect for applying dense colors to small areas such the crease, lash line and even the inner corner. It's not super soft and has little to no give, making it close in performance to smaller pencil brushes. It's not meant for blending or diffusing, but it does a reasonably good job when going over pencil-drawn lines with a powder eye shadow, creating a defined outer V or highlighting a small area just under the brow.

This NARS brush is obviously very versatile and has seen quite a lot of use. It's maintained its shape and hair texture through countless washings, and was packed many times and traveled the world with me.

Bottom Line: an old reliable.

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  1. WOW thanks so much for this post! I've been trying to use this brush for blending dark colours in the crease and kept being frustrated.. now, obviously, I can see the errors in my attempts. Next smoky eye I'll use it on my eyeliner! Cheers for the review :-)


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