Monday, September 12, 2011

Cosme Proud Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam

My second Cosme Proud purchase was their  Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam. It was also a result of the successful demonstration that showed me just how soft and bright my skin looked after a single use. The Cosme Proud Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam  looks like an ordinary cream-to-foam cleanser, the stuff you rub on wet skin and then rinse it off. One thing I noticed immediately was the tiny amount of product needed for each use. Only a drop when it was demonstrated on my hand and a pea-size blob for the entire face.

The cleanser turns into a nice foam with very small bubbles. It doesn't sting or tightens the skin; There's no stripping sensation, but my face feels nice, clean and soft afterwards. The SA said that the Cosme Proud Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam can be used with a Clarisonic brush and she was right. The droplet spreads nicely, foams and lets the brush do its thing. I find the cleanser usable even on allergy days when my skin feels raw and very sensitive, so that's another huge point in favor of this product.

Botoom Line: love.

Cosme Proud Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam ($65, 3.5 oz that last for months) is available from and directly from the company at

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