Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Scrumptiously Devious Colour Burst Lipstick

Behold my current favorite "nude" lipstick: Rouge Bunny Rouge Scrumptiously Devious Colour Burst lipstick. Yes, I know the shade of Scrumptiously Devious is not exactly what most would call nude, and the description by Rouge Bunny Rouge and Zuneta is something along the lines of cool pink with warm gold, but on my naturally dark lips this is a lipstick that tones down a lot of the natural pigment without creating the dreaded chalky beige look (waving at Jennifer Lopez).

Since Rouge Bunny Rouge Color Burst lipstick are quite saturated with color, Scrumptiously Devious has enough impact when I wear it. Yet, it's not completely opaque and has a lively natural effect. Add the wonderful moisturizing formula, no distracting scent, delicate sheen and the way it wears out evenly without flaking, and you get another winner from this fabulous European line.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Scrumptiously Devious Colour Burst Lipstick (around $34 in the current exchange rate) is exclusive to Thankfully, they ship all over the world.


  1. Wow these are really tempting me in, and that gorgeously wearable color might be the one that tips the scales :)

  2. "Nude" is relative. Pretty color.

  3. Yes, indeed. That would be reddish pink on my blonde skin. Beautiful!


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