Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hakuhodo S122 Eye Shadow Brush

I got several emails after showing you the makeup brushes I packed for my recent trip, and most of them were about this beauty, Hakuhodo S122 eye shadow brush. This is truly a rock star, even among other Hakuhodo S100 series items. The thick and full head (9.5mm, about one third of an inch) is made of uncut Canadian squirrel hair (according to Hakuhodo customer service no animals are harmed in the process. I dearly hope it's the case). The rush has great bounce without too much give, it's exquisitely soft but not floppy, so the shape allows for a lot of control.

You can easily tell that S122 is different from other contour brushes, including another Hakuhodo, the G515. The slant or angle is moderate (compare to the one from Sisley, for example), and the shape is very organic. The wonderful thing is how well the S122 multitasks (which is why I took it with me to Paris). It does a wash of color as well as contour and even detailed work- depending on the part of the brush you use. And have I mentioned how soft it is? I did, but it's worth repeating.

Bottom Line: precious.

Hakuhodo S122 Eye Shadow Brush ($48) is available from They ship all over the world.


  1. This brush looks amazing. How does it compare to the Shu Uemura 8hr brush? Is it better?

  2. I have been debating on whether to this one or the smaller S125.

  3. Generally squirrels are hunted (aka killed) for their tail hair. They get around saying they don't harm them because it is done by third parties, often in foreign countries with less animal-friendly laws. Buy synthetic and you won't have to wonder about it.

  4. I somehow don't see a squirrel standing still while he gets a haircut. Eco Tool brushes may not be as sophisticated as some of the high end brands but they do a pretty good job and are ridiculously inexpensive.


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