Thursday, September 08, 2011

Concealer Brushes- My Favorites

Concealer brushes can and should do the following: apply tiny amounts of products to conceal minute blemishes, cover and even out larger spots and discolored areas (including dark under-eye circles) and finally, buff concealer into the questionably looking area for a flawless look. Why, then, the most common concealer brushes are these very small flat and paddle shaped brushes made of stiff synthetic fibers that don't move well, don't buff and generally tend to get caked up and useless before one finishes the task?

Still, there are some extraordinary concealer brushes that perform well. Here are my six ones:

Kevyn Aucoin- this brush has the smallest head and does the most precise and detailed work. Depending on your concealer, you might need to follow up with a buffing brush to even out things.

Hakuhodo G538- another small brush for detailed work. Flexible and versatile.

Le Metier de Beaute- probably the best concealer brush you can find.

Hakuhodo G542- the closest thing to the LMdB perfection.

Trish McEvoy The Point- the little brush that could. Buffs and blend concealer and foundation of any formula and consistency, reaches small crevices and gives the best finish.

Dermablend- small, pointy and helpful with thick formulas.

Bobbi Brown Touch-Up- a serious multitasker, soft and dense that applies and buffs concealer as well as cream eye shadow and does minor foundation corrections.

An honorable mention goes to MAC 217, a classic eye blending brush that buffs well, as long as your specimen  isn't too scratchy, and to Laura Mercier Eye Finishing brush that's even softer and kinder under the eyes.


  1. I also love my concealer brushes, although now i call them synthetic brushes, since I've started using them for whatever I want rather than just concealer. I have smudge brushes from Illamasqua to buff cream shadows on the lid, and smudge brushes are also good for when wanting a good coverage of the concealer, never knew that until trying!
    Lovely bush post by the way!

  2. Despite being crazy about makeup brushes, I've never owned a concealer brush that can really buff concealer. (Except the MAC 217, and I find it not precise enough for the job, as apparently I usually want to put concealer on much smaller areas than this brush is capable of.)

    So instead I tend to use the "apply precisely and then pat with a finger to blend) technique, and thus seem to favor super-precise concealer brushes - Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage brush, for example. (That brush could effectively put concealer on the head of a pin, as far as I'm concerned). But I'm interested in the buffing technique as sometimes my concealer doesn't want to fade into the surrounding area (especially when I have a hard-to-cover blemish). Does this technique not just take off the concealer that you've just put down?

    I'm definitely considering both Hakuhodo brushes. If they don't work for me for concealer I can always re-purpose them for another task (cream eyeshadow? highlighter? powdering small areas?). A good brush is a good brush and it will always find work around my place ;)

  3. the MAC 217 is my favorite concealer brush-glad to see you mentioned it!

  4. I really like Trish McEvoy's "The Point" brush and use it often. I picked up a very similar one, but with a longer handle, by Sonia Kashuk @Target & love it too!

  5. I have no idea as to why I am so obsessed with the vessel you use to put your brushes in!

    As for the Trish McEvoy point, I hate how you've sold me so well... I'm also about to try LMdB soon too. I love you, but my wallet hates you. <3

  6. Was recommended Bobbi Brown's cream blending brush for my corrector and concealer application-loved it! Applies and blends beautifully with no scratchy feel and finish off with the finger tap technique.


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