Sunday, May 13, 2012


About to start Let's Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess. She's the one responsible for the popular obsession with metal poultry. I'm looking for a vintage one for the backyard.

Rufus Wainwright- Out Of The Game

Guerlain- Mon Précieux Nectar. An addictive floral gourmand.

Burberry Sheer Summer Glow (review soon). And to answer the many questions I've already gotten: Yes, it's a good fit for an NC30-35 skin tone.

Frequently Worn Outfit/Item
The weather is crazy. A cardigan is a girl's best friend.

Brown rice. With avocado and wasabi, fried with assorted veggies, with various legumes.

Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure
Fluff reading (and no, nothing to do with 50 Shades Of Grey. Even I have to put the line somewhere).

Bane Of My Existence
Apparently I'm allergic to nature. Five minutes of fresh air and my skin starts to itch.

Watching nature from the safety of a window.

The husband's birthday.

Cats who clean after themselves and a maxi dress that was designed for a petite frame.

Random Thought

How are you doing? Any new loves, recommendations, banes and thoughts? Please share!

Photo of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at 'Our Greatest Team Rises -BOA Olympic Concert' in London by Chris Jackson via Zimbio. Iris flowers in my backyard, photo by the husband.
Top photo: model wearing a Givenchy dress by Louise Dahl-Wolfe for Harper's Bazaar, May 1954, from


  1. Loving Rufus and the Guerlain Nectar as well!
    Greetings from southern California, where it's cold, and it's damp...

    1. Cold and damp in SoCal? The world is upside down ;) .

  2. What a beautiful dress and color that the princess is wearing! So nice and airy.

    1. It must have been even more amazing in person, as this color does wonders for her eyes.

  3. I'm going to make a 2nd attempt on "The Buenos Aires Quintet" which is a mystery that takes place first in Barcelona and then Argentina. I have a short attention span ...

    I just purchased the Fendi fragrance in roll on form. I like it but didn't want to splurge on the full size. I also tried L'Occitane's latest LE fragrance Pivoine Flora. It's lovely! I purchased the LE gift set for my sister, but I'm still thinking about it for myself!

    Is the Burberry Sheer Summer Glow a new foundation? I love their foundation and I am also NC30-35, so I'll look out for your review!

    1. L'Occitane have been producing some beautiful scents lately. I'm still hoping for an EDP in the LE violet-rose line they released around the holidays. Even the body wash smelled like a million dollars.

      The Burberry palette is a bronzer/highlighter thingy. I reviewed it yesterday. Highly recommended!

  4. Hi Gaia and kitties!
    I'm re-reading the Mary Stewart Merlin trilogy. I love it just as much as when I was at University.

    Movie-I saw Dark Shadows over the weekend, big mistake.... I usually love Tim Burton's brand of quirky, but his latest effort missed the mark.

    Music: Anything by Bolshoi, Cocteau Twins and Public Image.

    Perfume: Jicky in extrait and edt, I'd love to find a bottle of vintage.

    Makeup: LMdB-I'm having fun with the fig eyeshadow paired with a touch of nutmeg in the inner corner. Spice is another favorite.

    Frequently worn item: I've found a vintage clothing shop in Napa. My favorite pieces are an olive green suede driving coat, tweed pencil skirt in chocolate brown and a cream cashmere sweater.

    Guilty Pleasure: Sleeping, insomnia has reared it's ugly head. Ugh.

    Joy: Sniffing my purple bearded iris, they remind me of my dad's garden. My Evelyn roses are coming up, I hope to have a few warm/sunny days so the blooms open.

    Food: A very dear friend from Iran gifted me with her mother's book of Persian recipes-I've had a lot of fun making Adas Polow.

    Wishlist: That my allergies would calm down.

    Anticipation: Friends are coming back from Paris with several items for me from Esteban and three bell jars from Uncle Serge (Sarrasins, Mandarine Mandarin and Fumerie Turque). I can't wait!

    1. what a beautiful list! So happy for you for the Paris acquisitions. Enjoy!
      I'm also coveting vintage Jicky. My 10 yo bottle is not as civety as this thing could/should be.

  5. Reading: State of Wonder for Book Group. If a person liked Ann Patchett's Bel Canto, s/he should probably also like State of Wonder. Otherwise, history and cookbooks, including Jane Grigson's Food With The Famous.

    Listening: Leonard Cohen. All periods. Kurt Weill, Threepenny Opera.

    Fragrance: Mona di Orio's Nuit Noir. Want to investigate, but not necessarily buy, Tom Ford's Neroli.

    Food: Peanut butter on whole wheat. Want some nice person to make me a noodle kugel.

    Anticipation: Fresh cherry season and the first Clafouti.

    Guilty pleasure: Gossip.

    Bane of my existence: Medical insurance companies.

    Joy: My oldest niece's first Mother's Day, and looking forward to her husband's first Father's Day.

    Lawrence in Ohio

    1. Noodle kugel! My mom makes a wonderful version with flat egg noodles and ricotta cheese, and also one with apples. Now I'm hungry. We had cheese fondue last night and felt like I'll never want to eat again (there might have also been an ultra sinful dessert. Citrus pavlova).

  6. WOW! Just perfect! The dress that the princess is wearing is amazing!

    1. I know! She is such a perfect princess. Couldn't have asked for a lovelier one.

  7. Reading: The Queen Mother: The Official Biograph by Shawcross. If people think the young Royals party too much today, they should read this!

    Perfume: 10 Corso Como. My ultimate comfort fragrance.

    Joy/Listening: A local, totally listener-supported classical music radio station, which is WCPE. Right now it is playing Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5. This station brings me an incredible amount of joy. You can also listen on the internet. Its internet address is

    Bane of my Existence: Also outside! The sun brings on migraines, the bugs and gnats fly straight for my face. I live in the south.

    Beauty: The Duchess of Cambridge! I think Prince William took a lot of time and care to prepare her well so she would not have the same problems his mother had.

    Guilty Pleasure: Too much internet and nail polish.

    1. I must add this book to my list. I always suspected that there was a lot more to the Queen Mother than just a little old lady in floral hats.

  8. We have the same wishlist :-)!

    1. I suspect that the cat thing will remain on my wishlist till the end of days. I did find a pretty and well-proportioned maxi dress from Elie Tahari. Could use a few more.

  9. Isn't The Bloggess's book hilarious? I went to her book signing here in Houston--she's brilliant.

    Reading: Bloggess

    Perfume: PG Bois Blond. It always works, no matter what the temperature or humidity level. It's become my "when in doubt" fragrance.

    Makeup: Garnier BB Cream--surprisingly good quality, perfect for low-maintenance days. Essie Turquoise & Caicos--it's summer, all the way.

    Frequently-worn: Vintage leather purse that belonged to my mom in high school. Strangers stop me on the street to ask where I got it, and they can't believe it's 45 years old.

    Food: Noosa Yogurt

    Shame/Guilty Pleasure: Life's too short for shame. Indulge away.

    Bane: I'm in Houston. Summer is coming.

    Joy: My best friend and his wife are visiting this week, and we'll be hitting the beach.

    Anticipation: Escaping Houston three times this summer, including 10 days in Alaska. Yes, please.

    Wishlist: Mountains, snow, rivers, wilderness.

    1. I wish I had all the vintage items from my grandma's 1950s wardrobe, especially purses. I have a beautiful amber necklace that belonged to her and it's a conversation piece.

  10. Hello Gaia, I can't make the link to the Guerlain nectar work -- is it me? I was lurking at the Chanel makeup counter last week when the Burberry SA saw me and lured me over. I am now a complete fan of the sheer summer glow and fresh glow luminous base ... The foundation may be too dry for me. I'm going back to purchase the first two and will ask for a sample of the foundation to try again. Thank you for your blog, btw, your photos, product selection and reviews are right on.

    1. I did mess up the link. Fixed now, but I'm sorry for not noticing earler.
      Burberry primer is on my 'buy next' list. I have to mix several shades of their foundation, but at least primers are easy.

  11. Book: This Body of Death by Elizabeth George.

    Music: This week has involved a lot of driving so anything that happened to be playing on KUSC FM (classical.

    Perfume: Vol de Nuit.

    Makeup: I'm really loving Guerlain's summer quad in Capri.

    Outfit: Lots of fun outtings this week so casual slacks, colorful springtime tops, and coordinating cardigans as layering pieces.

    Food: Frequent stops at Carneval, our favorite Lebanese restaurant.

    Guilty Pleasure: Cinnamon sugar crunchy almonds.

    Bane: Nada!

    Joy: Spending time with my sons.

    Anticipation: Starting the bathroom remodeling project.

    Wishlist: I'm content with what I have at the moment.

    Random thought: Life is good and the world around us is beautiful. Really.

    1. Such a 'feel good' list. I'm smiling.
      The almonds sound wonderful. As is Lebanese food. Need to find vegetarian versions around here.

  12. Reading: Unorthodox, by Deborah Feldman. A memoir of growing up in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn. It's riveting. Can't put it down!

    Perfume: Parfums de Nicolai Le Temps d'une Fete. A green, warm, sunny spring in a bottle. I adore this one!

    Makeup: Burberry Lip Cover in Heather Rose, Guerlain Les Cuirs eyeshadow, Chanel Tweed Sienna blush

    Frequently-worn: Coach vermillion leather bag, birthday present from last February.

    Food: Fromager d'Affinois!

    Guilty Pleasure: Fromager d'Affinois! It's sinfully rich.

    Bane: Being too tired for words.

    Joy: Coffee! And watching the peonies bloom.

    Anticipation: Going to the northeast German coast to meet my boyfriend's family for the first time!

    Wishlist: For my hair to grow longer.

    1. Will check the book. Growing up in an atheist Jewish family in Israel, this couldn't be more different tan everything I know.

  13. Can I get the recipe for the brown rice/avocado/wasabi? I'm hungry just reading that.

  14. There's no real recipe. What I do is cook a cup of long grain brown rice in the rice-cooker (a vegetarian's best friend), slice and dice 1 large avocado and add it when the rice is done, season with 1-2 tbs of light/low sodium soy sauce and mix in a little wasabi to taste. Shamefully simple and oh so good.


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