Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Frederic Malle- Lys Méditerranée

I know that it's spring because for a several days now I've been craving Lys Méditerranée, the Edoaurd Flechier creation for Frederic Malle; the thing is that I kind of dislike Lys Méditerranée, or at least, I dislike it for about 360 days a year. This Frederic Malle fragrance employs of my biggest foes: various lilies (including muguet), a salty marine airy note, and lotus, which is sometimes nice but most often spells disaster on my skin. On random wearing throughout the year I feel crushed and burdened by Lys Mediterranee like the girl in Diego Rivera's painting below. Except now, when it hits the spot.

As far as I'm concerned, the obligatory comparison to Uncle Serge's Un Lys is simple: I can't deal with Un Lys. It's a sweet and suffocating lily, while Lys Méditerranée occasionally leaves some breathing room. It's greener and sometimes shriller, and that marine note doesn't always sit well with my stomach. But when the stars align just right, I smell spices and sweet air, the sea is both purifying and a little dirty, and the not quite sweet musky vanilla dry-down is all warmth and skin.

Tomorrow I might not be able t stand the thought of Lys Mediterranee and hide the samples until next year, but for now, it's pure pleasure.

Happy Spring!

Notes- Top notes: sea water, lily of the valley and ginger Middle notes: angelica, lily, orange blossom and lotus Base notes: vanilla and musk.

Lys Méditerranée by Frederic Malle ($110, 3x10ml travel sprays) is available from Barneys, Aedes, and Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums boutiques around the world.

Art: Woman with Lilies in a Greenhouse, Lovis Corinth, 1911; Flower seller, woman with calla lilies (Vendedora de flower, Mujer con alcatraces), Diego Rivera, 1942


  1. I have never had the chance to be able to experience Un Lys now that you also mention that one. I have always wanted to, as they are some of my favourite flowers. But if that fragrance is anything like those heavily botanically scented ones that fill a room when picked, I must have it. Not sure about Lys Méditerranée.

  2. I adore Lys Mediterranee, it's actually the only Malle I own - although there are many I want. And I feel like it's not often reviewed on perfume blogs, so I was excited to see this. I do understand what you mean by it being very seasonal but I do wear mine well into summer, too.

  3. Lilies, salty marine, and lotus? I want some right now!

    Seriously, I love those notes - and don't particularly care for Un Lys - so this is a great review to have read. I don't really grasp why Malle perfumes are so expensive (if it's the materials, my nose can't tell why) but given that they are, it's nice to have a good reason to try this one.

  4. Ooh, I feel the same way! Sometimes it's jarring, sometimes it's joyous.


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