Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Makeup Look Featuring Laura Mercier Turquoise Caviar Stick Eye Colour

Here's me questioning my sanity as I'm sitting outside (it's 90 degrees at the moment, with killer humidity). I applied my makeup as I normally would, without compensating for camera washoutiness and sweat.

Here's what I used:
Face- Sue Devitt tinted moisturizer in Moorea with a light dusting of Burberry compact foundation #7 for extra coverage applied with a Hakuhodo Itabake brash.
Eyes- Paula Dorf eye primer,  Laura Mercier Turquoise Caviar Stick Eye Colour applied straight from the pencil and smudged with Space NK domed brush. Eye shadows are the top two tiers from LMdB Le Cirque Kaleidoscope applied with Hakuhodo S133 and blended with S122. Edward Bess Bess-Lash mascara.
Cheeks- Youngblood Mineral Cosmetic blush in Blossom.
Lips- Bite Beauty lipstick in Pepper.

I skipped concealer, powder and sadly any brow products.


  1. wow, you made it look so wearable yet complex! LOVE it! i wish i could get hold of the Le Cirque caleidoscope :(

  2. I really like this look - you've created this iridescence, suitable for day time. In fact, I went and checked out the Caviar Stick,and it is indeed a great product. ~ I am also a complete newbie for primer, so tx for going over the 'primering'..

  3. What? That's how great you look wearing tinted moisturizer and powder in the heat?! Holy crikey, I pray I approximate such composure. Good to know the Sue Devitt product is holding out. That rather makes me want to give it a try. I'm having a reasonable amount of success using the super cheap E.L.F. tinted moisturizer (with Physicians Formula mineral powder on top), but I am sorely tempted to splurge on a higher caliber product.

  4. Beautiful look, Gaia! You're holding up far better than I would in that heat and humidity. I wouldn't have known that the mercury had climbed that high had you not mentioned it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nice look -- all it's missing is a smile. I like it when you post pics of yourself. I think you should do so more often, and also post retrospective pics to show us how your makeup has changed over the years. I'd love to see a bat mitzvah pic. I'd bet you looked precious!


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