Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New From Laura Mercier: Mystere Eye Colour Duet, Cocoa Suede Nail Lacquer- Sneak Peek

I stopped by my local Saks (The Shops At Riverside) to see what's new and discovered a brand new collection from Laura Mercier. It's so new and doesn't appear anywhere on the web yet, that this is kind of a scoop, I guess. Laura Mercier's pre-fall 2012 (I think it was called Film Noir, but I didn't take notes and was not allowed to photograph the display) is elegant, dusky and I could have easily grabbed it all right then and there. I showed restraint and only picked two items so far: An eye shadow duo in taupe and navy called Mystere, and this gorgeous nail polish in Cocoa Suede.

The collection includes a second Eye Colour Duet called Suspense, featuring a pretty standard peach and bronze shades. There are two other nail lacquers: a warm not quite peachy mauve that looked like RBL Om and Butter London's Tea With The Queen had a baby, and a sheer ivory loaded with glitter. The display also had four brown-based lipsticks (really nice) and an aubergine mascara.

Swatches and reviews coming soon, and probably another visit to Saks.


  1. That eyeshadow duo is gorgeous! Looking forward to swatches!

  2. Ooh I can't wait for your swatches and for this to show up on the counters.

  3. Oh, yum, those colors are gorgeous.

  4. LM collections always trickle out into the blogosphere. Her stuff is so ... quiet. I like the look of that eyeshadow duo.

  5. Please forgive my gushing, but how I do adore your stuff, Gaia ... such a gorgeous site. You look lovely in these photos and are too harsh a critic of yourself. It surely doesn't appear that you are anything but "cool as a cucumber", so you've done yet another great job and thank you for it. I have several of LM's shadow sticks and they're as terrific as you find this one! Love love love the shade and want it desperately. I really like Laura Mercier's product line- very high quality and reasonably priced. Many thanks. xoxo Beth in Pgh


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