Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Naked Princess Beauty Products

I guess I'm just an overgrown five year old, because the words "Princess" and "Ever After" tend to make me swoon a little. I wasn't familiar with Naked Princess, a luxury lingerie and boudoir-wear brand that is quite understated and elegant (muted colors, lots of details, nothing is tacky or cheap looking). Their website is one of the nicest ones I've seen; I've already bookmarked some items (a nice way to say "I'll take one of each, please").

Apparently, Naked Princess also has a beauty and body line that's centered around the same theme: sexy and subtle. The box that arrived at my door was breathtaking. All the items are beautifully packaged, and even the paper looks and feels luxurious. I got to try several of the products: Vanille Blanc candle (Vanilla, Sweet Almond & exotic Tonquin Bean) and body souffle, as well as the lip treatment and gloss. Everything exceeded my expectation.

The Vanille Blanc scent is delicate, a little powdery, almost floral and utterly non-foody. The candle has a nice throw, it doesn't create too much smoke, and even the husband who tends to be suspicious of vanilla scents for the house, likes it. It doesn't hurt that that the candle's porcelain urn is  adorable. I also liked the body souffle of the same scent, but that was a given: olive, jojoba & rice oils, plus cocoa & shea butters, and all that in the delicate almond-vanilla scent.

The biggest surprise were the lip products:

The lip glosses come in eight shades (see below). The one I have is Barely Naked, a warm beige that can be worn alone or to tone down a too bright lipstick. The formula is as non-sticky as they get, and wonderfully hydrating/plumping. The Naked Princess lip gloss is strongly scented (vanilla-almond, not as delicate as the body products) and also very flavored. The scent goes away within a minute, the taste lingers a bit longer.

But it's the Objet d'Love lip treatment that completely won me over. It comes in a heavy refillable glass compact that slides sideways to open. It's pretty, hefty, and I love that it's reusable and refillable. The treatment itself comes in two flavors: the already familiar Vanille Blanc and the one I got, Shiso Mint, that smells and tastes refreshing. The ingredients include green tea, shea butter and peptides. I can tell you that it helped heal a bleeding crack on my lower lip, as well as make my lips feel happy and healthy. The scent disappeared almost immediately, but the effects of the product last for about 8 hours.

Any of these products would make a fabulous gift. The company is promoting them now for Mother's Day, which is somewhat awkward, considering the boudoir thing and the whole "Naked Princess" premise. But there is a 25% off code on the front page of the website, and no one would know if one buys herself a lip gloss or two, Mother's Day or not. The gorgeous gift packaging is an added thrill.

Bottom Line: Worth it.

Naked Princess Beauty Products ($26 for a lip gloss- $52 for the candle. The lingerie and longewear are much more expensive) are available from nakedprincess.com. The items for this review were supplied free of charge by the company.

Images not marked as mine are from the Naked Princess website.


  1. Barely Coco looks perfect for me, and the body souffle sounds heavenly! I haven't heard of this line before. I love it when goodies arrive in beautifully wrapped packages. Of course, all boxes belong to my cat SmokeyToes. He promptly confiscates any that come thru our doors.

  2. The real Princess Beauty is in the second photo!!!Big hugs from Greece! amalia


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