Saturday, May 05, 2012

I Read It On The Internet- May 5th Edition

My friend CharlestonGirl from Best Things In Beauty is also my scent evil twin. Our tastes and skin chemistry are comically opposite, so you know that she really liked the new Asian Tales fragrances from By Kilian. She met Kilian Hennessy last week and got to ask him all sorts of questions. Worth reading even if you share my opinion on Bamboo Harmony. And there are photos.

Dain on Ars Aromatica gives an extensive overview of Naruko, an Asian cosmetics brand. What's more important is her analysis of Asian and Japanese cosmetics and the difference between them and common Western products.

Cafe Makeup has the other highly coveted Asian exclusive Chanel item: Fleur de Lotus blush. She makes me question my decision to pass on that one.

If you wondered how Chanel 2012 bronzers compare to the ones from last year, Sabrina has the answers on The Beauty Look Book.

Jane discusses season-appropriate muguet perfumes on Daly Beauty. Of course, I can't wear most of them, so I live vicariously through her.

Delicate Hummingbird picks favorites from OPI's Holland collection.

I can't wait till BeautyHabit gets the new Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows. The swatches on Drivel About Frivol aren't making the wait any easier.

Everyday Beauty has a good rant and discussion on those atrociously photoshopped ads.

Reika brings us some Suqqu to die for on Front Row Beauty.

Karen and I share a certain disdain for the traveling part of traveling. She discusses packing. I should take notes.

Xiao of Messy Wands wrote an open letter to the good people at Le Metier de Beaute. She addresses issues that have been bothering many of us.

Modesty Brown discusses the new palettes from Rouge Bunny Rouge.

There's a comprehensive review of Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid foundation at Musing On Beauty.

Martha swatched and reviewed the new Capri eye quad from Guerlain's Emilio Pucci collection.

I'm currently waiting for my Burberry Summer Glow compact. Mylinda from Pondering Beauty has already got it. My coloring is different than hers and I can't wait to see what I can do with this quad.

Enjoy your weekend and wear something pretty!

Photo of the two squishables above from Dlisted.


  1. So many things to read! And what a cat!!

  2. Anderson Cooper -- doing something he never does! (I don't want to be too wicked or break any rules, so I won't enunciate it.)

  3. @rednails hee!

    That poor kitty!! No one should let such a beautiful creature get so rotund.


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