Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Fashion Umbrellas For Annoying May Showers

In the real world, I tend to forget my favorite umbrella at home (a 2005 Kate Spade, splashes of color over a cream background), so I'm forced to buy an overpriced crappy and ugly single-use (best case scenario) umbrella from a street vendor. But a pretty umbrella brightens an otherwise dreary day, so let's have a look at what's out there:

Burberry Automatic Geometric Umbrella, $195, Saks Fifth Avenue.

Kate Spade Japanese Floral Umbrella, $78, katespade.com.

Orla Kiely Cross Hatch Stem Minilite Umbrella, $49, orlakiely.com.

Leopard Bow Walker Umbrella, $40, topshop.com

Un-teal It Stops Raining Umbrella, $35.99, modcloth.com.

Top image: Vogue, April 1952, Conde Nast archives.
Umbrella photos from the various retailers mentioned above.

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  1. Ah.. umbrellas... Love them. I have 8 already and steer away every time I see new ones. Such a lovely accessory.


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