Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Keiko Mecheri- Datura Blanche

As someone whose other perfume horror is Serge Lutens' Datura Noir (the first is, and will always be, Angel), I was eyeing the decant of Keiko Mecheri's Datura Blanche suspiciously. But, seriously, it was released in 2009 and smelled it a few times before, even if I lacked the courage to actually try it. I was missing on a serious treat.

Keiko Mecheri's interpretation of datura, a beautiful but toxic plant, walks an interesting line between a powdery almond that's almost worth of a Guerlain sugared pastry, and a lush Southern Belle of a white floral. Datura Blanche  blooms especially well in warm weather, as the flowers get sweeter and more luminous, like magical moonlight.

Datura Blanche is perhaps more of a romantic nighttime fragrance. It's femme, assertive (excellent sillage and a 24 hour longevity on my skin), and suggestive. I've tested it on cooler days and nights but was not as taken with this Keiko Mecheri creation when there's chill in the air: that's when Datura Blanche is more heliotrope  and powder than it should be. However, once the temperature rises, the fragrance takes a turn towards the sultry and the unique blend of white flowers becomes a lot more interesting. The vanillic dry-down is delicious and satisfying but not foody, and the vibe is kind of a classic floriental, something I more or less live to wear.

Notes: white datura, Indian tuberose, heliotrope, bitter almond, tonka bean, vanilla madagascar.

Datura Blanche by Keiko Mecheri ($115, 75ml) is available from MiN NY (minnewyork.com) and Luckyscent.

Art: Nocturne by Jim Buckles.

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  1. Sounds luch for a hot summer evening. I should gather all of the ones I want to try, ie scroll down your blog, and order some samples.


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