Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Lab On Fire- Sweet Dreams 2003

Superstar perfumer Thierry Wasser created Sweet Dreams 2003 as a memory of a transition from one life to another. NY-based niche house A Lab On Fire just released it, and we can all share the fantasy. Sweet Dreams 2003 is a beachy citrus little thing, and I mean it in the nicest possible way. I think of it as an enhanced salty cologne-type: a sure hit for neroli lovers of any gender, and something with which one could drench herself on a summer day, and than spray some more.

Here within lies my issue with Sweet Dreams 2003. I love the beach fantasy, the feeling of getting lost in the shapes forming by fuzzy clouds across the blue skies, but other than a faint ambery dry-down, this Lab On Fire perfume doesn't do much. It sits there on my skin (or flies away quickly, if not enough is applied) and doesn't engage. I like it, as I adore full-on neroli fragrances, but I get bored. After spending some time with Sweet Dreams 2003 I repeatedly find myself reaching for Fleur Citronnier by Uncle Serge as my scent of the day after (or the hour after), just so I can immerse myself in a truly summer beauty that lasts all day.

Notes: bergamot, neroli, petitgrain, orange flower, jasmine, musk, amber, castoreum.

A Lab On Fire- Sweet Dreams 2003 ($110, 60ml) is available from MiN NY and Luckyscent. The sample for this review was sent to me from MiN.

Art: Seaside by Anne Packard.

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