Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Morphé Brushes- IB120 Jumbo Kabuki Fan Brush

My Louise Young LY20 super fan brush gets lot of use. Enough so I'd go and look for a backup (it takes a while to dry). There are few options on the market for such a massive fan brush, so the one from Morphé Brushes (Italian Badger series) caught my eye.

Morphé Brushes claim to be cruelty-free, so that's a nice bonus. The Italian Badger series has pretty handles made of mahogany wood coated in a glossy finish. The handles are considerably shorter than the ones of Louise Young, and that's a minus for me, but I know many people prefer shorter brushes. Overall, Morphé IB120 is definitely comparable to the Louise Young fan brush in softness, density, and performance, as long as you're willing to deal with two issues: Morphé IB120 spreads wider (see last two photos below), so it covers a larger area, and it's not as thick and lush as LY20 (though it's close).  Morphé IB120 also gives me issues with placing it in my brush roll (the taller LY20 doesn't get in the way as much), but that's really a minor thing for me.

I've had my Morphé IB120 for about 5 weeks now, washed it a couple of times, and while it lost a few hairs initially, I'm happy with this brush and use it as backup.

Bottom Line: can't beat the price.

Morphé Brushes- IB120 Jumbo Kabuki Fan Brush ($11.55) is available from morphebrushes.com. I bought mine at IMATS NY.


  1. Italian badger hair...cruelty-free. Seems like an oxymoron to me.

  2. How do you use these thick fan brushes?


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