Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hakuhodo K006 Eye Shadow Brush

Hakuhodo K006 Eye Shadow Brush has been working very hard here ever since I got it last year. It's no wonder: K006 is just about identical to another of my heavy duty brushes: Shu Uemura 13G. Hakuhodo K006 is a wide brush (well, wide for an eye shadow tool) that is excellent for create an all-over wash of color, blending your lid and/or crease color upward, and it also works well with cream eye shadows (such as Laura Mercier).

Hakuhodo K006 is obviously not a brush for precision work or for heavily packing color. The smaller and tighter S121G is a better tool for that, as is the S133 (same link as above). K006 is fluffier, thicker and has a wider edge. It's also wonderfully soft (squirrel hair) and I love using it for a diffused and blended look that includes both cream and powder eye shadows.

Bottom Line: a great (and cheaper) alternative to Shu.

Hakuhodo K006 Eye Shadow Brush ($36) is available from They ship overseas.

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