Thursday, August 23, 2012

5 Signs you're in a skincare rut

It happens to all of us. We find a product or a routine we like and stick to it for a long time. It becomes a second nature, something that we keep doing and buying, happy not to have to think about it, secure that the cream or method were all the rage last September or in 2007. I was talking about this subject with a non-blogging friend and we came to the conclusion that there are often signs that we're in a skincare rut, but we tend to ignore them, attributing any issue to age, weather, time of the month, lack of sleep... and keep using the same products in the same way. Because that's the best we can do, right?

Wrong. It might be time for some reevaluation and change. Here are five telltale signs it may be time for a change:

1. Having less and less "good skin days". Be it blemishes or visible dullness/signs of aging, the solution is not buying stock in concealer manufacturers. Something as simple as changing your moisturizer or adding a serum can make all the difference.

2. You've been scrubbing, exfoliating and mattifying your oily face since the Reagan administration and your pores only seem to have expanded. There's a good chance you're not just overdoing it, but that your skin has  changed significantly. The oily skin of your youth may have actually moved on but you didn't. Try switching to the mildest cleanser you can find and stop any other skin assaults for a couple of weeks, then add products gradually according to what you see.

3. No Glow. A happy and healthy skin has a certain freshness to it, even if you're decades past your youth. It's not dull, it's not very matte, and it definitely doesn't look like an old show. If you're not seeing signs of life, consider and research AHA products (available in just about every price range).

4. The moisturizer of decades past: Maybe you always had dry skin and did your best to protect it with heavy creams. It's a great idea, really, especially during the winter when your face needs an extra barrier against icy winds and ferocious heaters. But what's going on underneath? Is your dinosaur of a face cream just sitting there contributing nothing to skin underneath? There are nearly endless advanced modern options of active lotions and serums that will help nourish and renew the cells.

5. You cleanse and cleanse but still wake up in the morning with mascara or eyeliner flakes under your eyes and suspicious skid marks on your pillow. Makeup products are better and more resilient than ever. They're less likely to fade and smudge, meaning that cleansers of yore are less effective against overachiever mascara and foundation. Try an oil cleanser or check out the latest makeup removers from the brand of makeup you're actually using. Chances are they're formulated to deal with the stubborn goop.

All of the above is, of course, nothing but suggestions based on experience: mine and that of my nearest and dearests. I'm not a derm and don't play one on YouTube, but you already know that.

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  1. you are totally right!!!!

  2. Fantastic words to live by! Just as surely as our skin needs change-- so too does the technology of skincare products now available!

  3. Really enjoyed reading this....i saw your post via a link on Facebook and will be following your blog. Its written very professionally and its so true what you are saying. I often find customers 'stick to what they know best' but arent happy with thier skin. The thing is all lot of salons/clinics offer free skin consults and skin analysis also. Thanx for the advice, very usefull x

  4. I've never understood why any woman would want to cling to her skin care routine or favorite cosmetics even though they are passé or no longer efficacious. With all the wonderful advancements being made and with the increased understanding of how the skin functions and ages, it doesn't make sense to stick with something that doesn't capitalize on the latest advancements. I'm sure that some women feel defeated by the vast amount of information and misinformation that is available and so they stick to what they know even though the products no longer work their magic. It's a shame because there is no reason why a woman can't maintain a luminous, healthy looking complexion well into her sixties and beyond.

  5. Recently I started doubting the efficacy of my go-to cleanser (La Roche Posay) but went ahead and bought a new bottle because I do not even know where to start looking for a new cleanser...then the wisdom of this post, make me really doubt the merit of my decision! my problem is that there are too many brands on the market, it's so hard to decide...any recommendation!?

  6. Gaia, this is so well thought out. You are inspiring me to try something new for my skin. I haven't allowed my age to become an excuse for laziness when it comes to excercise, which makes a huge difference in my health and shape, but I'd given up on my skin. Your point about AHAs made me realize that I really could do a bit more for my face without a huge expenditure of time or money. Thanks! ~~nozknoz

  7. Cleasing my face has been a problem with me for a long time and as its been said above that the change is the law of the nature, I want to renovate the way I use to do so.


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