Monday, August 13, 2012

Serge Lutens Bell Jars At Barneys NY

Victoria from Bois de Jasmin broke the news earlier this morning: Serge Lutens exclusive non-export bell jar perfumes are now, well, exported! The bell jars are coming to Barneys flagship store on Madison Avenue in NYC. The prices seem to have acquired a significant markup ($275-300, 2.5oz), but considering the exclusivity and desirability (and the 20 years we've been waiting) it shouldn't surprise anyone.

Are you giving Barneys a call? What will be your first purchase?



  1. Is it only Barneys flagship that will have them? Probably, because nothing truly insanely good happens in Chicago. It doesn't surprise me that they jacked up the price, it costs a lot of money to ship those bottles over, plus, of course they need a little extra for their trouble. ;)

  2. WOO HOO! I want La Myrrhe and Iris Silver Mist, and they are suddenly shooting to the top of my buy list. Do you know if Barneys will ship? ~~nozknoz

    1. I'm SO with you on La Myrrhe. That's the one I've been wanting forever, it seems. I wonder how many hardcore perfume lovers are going to be sacrificing grocery money this month?


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