Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hakuhodo Fan Brush

I bought my Hakuhodo Fan Brush a couple of years ago before a trip abroad and it's been my travel companion ever since, often residing in a small makeup bag in my purse. The fan brush has a short handle that's wide enough for a good grip but doesn't take up much space. It's designated use is powder (pressed) and face finishing, but in a pinch it can also perform other tasks such as bronzing. What it makes so ideal for travel (other than the size) is the fact that it's less prone to getting squished and losing its shape tan an upright round Kabuki brush.

The hair of this Hakuhodo brush is a blend of goat and blue squirrel, making it wonderfully soft. The brush seems to have a thin profile, the hair is 14mm thick and quite densely packed, making it feel very luscious. The edge is tapered and rounded, feels wonderful on the face and works well to blend and lines and diffuse harsh lines. The photo comparison to the discontinued NARS Ita 28 Kabuki brush is for size only. The Hakuhodo fan brush is leagues above the old NARS one in terms of design and hair quality.

This blended hair Hakuhodo fan brush comes with a plastic black handle (the one I have) and also as gorgeous Kokutan handle. I actually hoped for a vermilion one, but for some reason they either don't make it or don't sell it in the US.

Bottom Line: little but mighty.

Hakuhodo Fan Brush ($60) is available from They ship all over the world.


  1. Great piece.
    You are beautiful brushes collection :)

  2. Um. Wondering if this fan brush would work with the Armani maestro compact? So tempted to get this to replace the one came with the compact!


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