Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Benefit Cosmetics- Dallas Ultra Plush Lip Gloss

Dallas boxed blush/bronzer from Benefit has been a perennial favorite of mine long before I started this blog (it's one of the very first products I reviewed). I got my mom hooked on it and both of us have gone through several boxes of Dallas. This is why I was quite excited and optimistic when Benefit launched companion lip glosses to their boxed blushes. The high hopes continued as I swatched Dallas lip gloss on my arm. It looked  quite pigmented and pretty. The smooth texture and lack of shimmer made me think it was going to be a very grownup looking gloss.

I was surprised that most of the color disappeared when I applied Dallas to my lips. The opacity translated to milkiness which looks pretty horrible on my lips (because of their natural color). Also, for some reason Benefit made Dallas lip gloss look much warmer than I expected. The rose-bronze of the blush looks terrific on my skin. The balance between rose and bronze in the gloss is different and leans almost orange on my lips. Again: not flattering.

Texture-wise Dallas is nice enough. It's comfortable and moisturizing, though eventually as the color fades and almost flakes away the feel of the lips changes a little. I've been doctoring the gloss by mixing in other colors and some extra lip treatment and it works well, but considering the Dallas line is supposed to be so easy to wear and low maintenance the need to do that is annoying.

Bottom Line: a missed opportunity for greatness.

Benefit Cosmetics Dallas Ultra Plush Lip Gloss- $16 at Sephora.


  1. Too bad it doesn't work for you...
    On the other hand, I'm not a fan of Dallas powder, but I love the color of the gloss version!

  2. i love the gloss!!!!!! im glad it's not opaque. i love the shiny sleek shine of the gloss, my fave is Hoola!!!!


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