Monday, August 20, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge- Grey Go-Away Lourie (044)& Blackpepper Jay (045) - Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow

Grey Go-Away Lourie (044) and  Blackpepper Jay (045) are among the sleeper color in Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds Are Singing eye shadow range. These are seemingly boring and modest neutral shades: Grey Go-Away Lourie (044) is a slate gray while Blackpepper Jay (045) is a cool  smoky dark brown. Both are matte, semi-opaque and don't look like anything special until you actually wear them either with more colorful Rouge Bunny Rouge shadows or just by themselves as the main event with a contrasting ivory or beige.

The texture of Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows is famous for its smoothness and luxurious feel. They use intense pigments that blend well and meld with the skin seamlessly. The uniqueness of Jay and Lourie is in the complexity of the shades when you look at them closely. They're not just "gray" or "brown" and possess a quality and depth that makes them work with my skin's undertones. They add depth and drama but are neutral enough and easy to adjust and support shades like purple, navy or green.

Bottom Line: grab these bunnies.

Rouge Bunny Rouge- Grey Go-Away Lourie (044)& Blackpepper Jay (045) - Long-lasting Matt Eye Shadow  ($27 each) can be found on in the US or if you're anywhere else in the makeup-wearing universe.


  1. I have and really like Blackpepper Jay. I agree with you that it has a hidden complexity. I'm not usually one for greys but I feel I ought to add Grey Go-Away Lourie to my collection having seen your lovely swatch.

  2. I need to pick up the rest of Rouge Bunny Rouge mattes. They are so amazing!


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